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Spoiler alert: This article spoils parts of the movie Bones and All.The new coming-of-age romantic horror film Bones and All, set for wide release on Nov. 23, tells the story of two cannibalistic young people, Maren (Taylor Russell) and Lee (Timothée Chalamet), as they embark on a road trip across America.

When the two teenagers with similar “taste” cross paths, their friendship soon evolves into a unique and disturbing romantic relationship. The movie is filled with haunting dialogue that makes for an uncomfortable yet intriguing romance the all leads to an unforgettable gut-punch of a climax.


“You Got Clever.”

— Frank Yearly.

frank bones and all

When Maren’s father abandons her to fend for herself, he leaves a recording in which he tells the story of how her cannibalism began. Maren listens intently because she wasn’t aware of the beginnings of her nature. As she grew up, her “incidents” were infrequent but messy. Frank tried to stop her, but she soon figured out ways to hide her kills. “You got clever,” Frank says.

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Frank was there for Maren at first, especially after her mother left. Following each of her kills, he covered up her crimes, changed their identities and moved on. It took a toll on him as the years went on, causing him to leave her once she got too clever for him to continue.

“You Ask Me A Question, I Got To Answer It.”

— Lee.

Timothee Chalamet and Taylor Russell in Bones and All

When Maren and Lee discuss their first time ever eating someone, he explains how it made him feel in detail, but when it comes to remembering what happens after, he claims not to know. Maren doesn’t believe him, but he insists he won’t lie to her.

Throughout this coming-of-age film, Lee and Maren ask each other questions to get to know each other better. Despite the brutality and horror of their nature, their relationship blossoms into one of total honesty.

“We Should Feel Something.”

— Maren Yearly.

Taylor Russell in Bones and ALl

As Maren searches the car of he and Lee’s last victim, she finds pictures proving he had a family, and she grows upset. She heads back to the house to find the family has called the police, mixing her deep guilt with the terror of getting caught.

She questions why they do what they do, even if it is to survive. They don’t feel any emotion when they kill, and they leave as if nothing happened. This quote zeroes in sharply on Maren’s inner turmoil as she wonders whether she can ever be normal.

“Every Time You Drive Off, We’re Terrified.”

— Kayla.

Taylor Russell and Timothee Chalamet in Bones and All

Kayla scolds Lee about coming and going so often. She desperately wants him to stay, but he can’t because of who he is. He doesn’t want her to find out the type of person he is: an eater.

This quote demonstrates that even if Lee is trying to protect his sister, he’s still causing her pain. His constant leaving is particularly troubling because of what she went through when their father abandoned them. But she doesn’t know — neither does the audience at this point — that Lee killed their father.

“Never, Ever Eat An Eater.”

— Sully.

Meron looking at Sully in Bones and All

Sully teaches Maren some rules that “eaters” supposedly live by. Maren decides to learn from him, but after she observes him during their short time together, she decides that she doesn’t want to be around him for long.

Sully’s rule establishes that there exists something of a cannibal community with some form of “code” if not a structure. There aren’t many “eaters” out in this world, so Sully would rather not lose those of his kind. Tellingly, Maren rejects that community when she breaks Sully’s rule by killing and eating him.

“I Wondered Why He’s Been Staying, But Maybe It’s Because Of You.”

— Kayla.

Taylor Russell in Bones and All

A few months after Maren ran away from Lee, she comes back searching for him in his hometown. Lee was always on the run and Kayla hated that. This time he came back without Maren but decided to stay nearby. Kayla believes the reason he stayed is that he hoped Maren would come back. And she did.

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Nothing could really make him stay put except for Maren. It seems that he was looking for her all along without even knowing it. He truly loved her even if he had a difficult time showing it. When she left, he was heartbroken and had nowhere else to go but home. Luckily, they found their way back to each other.

“The World Of Love Wants No Monsters In It, So Let Me Help You Out Of It.”

— Janelle Kerns.

janelle bones and all

Maren finally finds her mom at a state hospital in Ferguson Falls. The nurse had kept a letter Janelle had written for Maren 15 years ago. With her permission, it was given to her. It was a very emotional letter explaining why she had to leave her behind. At the end of Maren’s reading of the letter, she wanted to end her suffering in this world by attempting to bite her own daughter in the neck.

All Maren wanted to do was find her mother and get answers. Sometimes after searching for something for so long, you begin to hope that you’ll find what you need, but it’s usually a huge disappointment. In this case, her mother had a different plan for her: attempting to murder her own daughter. She didn’t want Maren to live in a world with monsters like them, so she tried to hide her from it. She had a demented love for Maren, but it is love nonetheless.

“You Want To Be People? Let’s Be People.”


bones and all timotee chalamet taylor russell landscape

Lee and Maren are beginning to understand one another. As the truck slowly breaks down, their road trip is coming to an end. Even though Lee knew that it isn’t possible to be completely normal, he wanted to try for her.

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Maren knew she wasn’t normal growing up, but she always wanted to live a normal life. Lee had accepted her as she was and loved her enough to do anything to make her happy. If that meant pretending to be normal, he would do it in a heartbeat. Their love for one another grew so strong that they were willing to do whatever it takes to stay together.

“All I Think Is I Love You.”

— Maren Yearly.

Meron and Lee looking at each other Bones and All

After Lee tells Maren the truth about killing and eating his father, he asks her if she thinks he’s a bad person. Maren confirms she still loves him and says she would’ve done the same thing.

The quotation reaffirms Lee and Maren are meant for each other. They went from friends to lovers in such a short time, but it is the best adventure they’ve ever had. She is the only one to truly understand his horrifying actions, which brings them even closer.

“I Want You To Eat Me, Maren. Bones And All.”

— Lee.

Timothee Chalamet and Taylor Russell in Bones and All Header

As Lee tries to suffocate Sully, he and stabs Lee. Maren helps Lee finally kill Sully, but after the adrenaline subsides, Lee has trouble breathing. Maren realizes Sully punctured Lee’s lung.

Knowing he’s going to die, Lee insists that he wants the woman he loves to eat him. With his last breaths, Lee tells Maren he wants to be her first “bones and all” so she’ll remember him forever. For him, it’s the greatest act of true love in their unique, twisted romance.

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