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BRISTOL, Tenn. (WJHL) – Two years after a collapse turned the facade of the Bristol Holiday Inn hotel into a heap of scrap metal and rubble, city leaders say little has changed as the developer remains involved in a legal battle over the incident.

The remnants of the hotel stand like a purple reminder at the corner of State Street and Volunteer Parkway, with little change from the night when its second-story walls would have failed. As for ground boots, the city of Bristol, Tenn., said a cleanup permit allowed crews to haul debris in earlier this year.

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Other than that, Bristol Tennessee community relations director Jon Luttrell said the city isn’t exactly holding its breath.

“At this time, we have not yet received the full failure report or action plan on how the project will move forward,” Luttrell said. “Once such a plan is received, reviewed and approved by the city, all necessary permits would then be reissued for construction work to resume.”

Each of these steps will take time, regardless of the legal status of the site. With a multi-million dollar lawsuit between developer Tenneva LLC and the site’s insurance provider set to go to trial in December 2023, the process could stretch much further.

“The city is staying in contact with the developer to ensure the site is secure and cleanup activities can continue as needed,” Luttrell said.

Much of this lawsuit relates to the construction of the building, which engineering firm Thornton Tomasetti said was rated for less weight than required designs and was significantly below code. The analysis provided to the insurance company by Tomasetti recommended a comprehensive review of the building’s design, although the advice was not binding on any party.

Luttrell said no specific timeline has been set for updates and that will largely remain with Tenneva.

Staff from nearby businesses told News Channel 11 that the building is a common question from customers and they hope to receive any updates, whether it’s demolition or new construction efforts.

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2 years later, the Bristol Hotel remains in limbo –

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