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The first-ever trilogy of Marvel movies will soon be setting sail for different streaming waters, with the Blade trio set to depart Hulu, and potentially head to a rival.

The Wesley Snipes-led series is of incredibly fluctuating quality throughout its three films. Featuring some groundbreaking elements for a Marvel movie, it was an R-rated actioner, and the first Marvel blockbuster since Howard the Duck to feature an actually unknown character.

Leaving Hulu in Dec. 2022, there are two likely outcomes for where the Snipes trilogy will end up. One is back with current rights holder Marvel on Disney Plus. Or alternatively and far more left field, with original distributor New Line Cinema’s parent company Warner Bros. Discovery on HBO Max. However, money should definitely be on Disney Plus.

The first film was directed by Stephen Norrington, who ended up completely leaving directing behind just a few years after Blade following League of Extraordinary Gentlemen being utterly awful. Proper horror master Guillermo del Toro took on Blade II, which remains one of the best superhero sequels ever. Surprisingly good, it ended up spawning a threequel.

Unfortunately, Blade: Trinity was nowhere near the first pair’s level of quality. Seeing Ryan Reynolds in his first Marvel movie appearance, it also saw David S. Goyer direct. Goyer is now best known for his work on Zack Snyder’s DC films as well as The Dark Knight, but he’ll be more than happy to have this one left off his filmography.

With recent news of Blade returning to the MCU as its creative team changes yet again, there’s no better time to rewatch the trilogy.

A classic Marvel trilogy will say goodbye to Hulu in December

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