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If there is one to support, it is this one. The 8th edition of “Un Max de Bruit Contre le Sida” takes place on Saturday, November 26 at the Casa Musicale in Perpignan, from 7:00 p.m. Free entry for a festival carried by the white coats of the hospital.

To live unhappy, live hidden. This diversion of maxim fits very well with the state of decomposition of mind that HIV carriers still suffer today. AIDS. The great fear of the 80s, when perplexed high school students saw their sexual futures stifled by condoms and prohibitions multiplying as quickly as the psychosis of the population. A bit like the Covid in March 2020, in the light of the first traumatic confinement for many. Except that AIDS has been going on for 40 years and despite enormous changes in treatment, stigma and discrimination are unfortunately not ancient history. A sideways glance and whispered words pointing at the patient contribute to his isolation. The lack of information on the progress of triple therapy, allowing people living with HIV to no longer contaminate their partners, prevention tools for highly exposed populations, screening, condoms, mean that the WHO before the Covid pandemic was aiming for zero AIDS by 2030.
It must be repeated that people living with HIV have a normal life expectancy identical to those not infected with the virus. Working, giving birth to children, having a harmonious life as a couple, does not exclude rejection. The exclusion is often harder to bear than the disease itself. Announcing one’s seropositivity is a double ordeal for the patient, imprinted with a deaf fault often turning into divine punishment for the most puritanical vindicators. Information is therefore crucial. “A Max of Noise Against AIDS” is crucial.

Big Twins CG & Endurance will be on stage at Casa Musicale

Big Twins CG & Endurance will be on stage at Casa Musicale
Corinne GRILLET – @Corinne GRILLET

This evening full of common sense, militant and musical will allow you to breathe a little in this world of brutes. An associative village bringing together about fifteen local and regional structures engaged in the fight, will throw received ideas into the dumpster. The concerts will welcome Simon de Céret (electro groove poetry), the Big Twins CG & Endurance (slam poets and singers from the Welcome 66 association for helping refugees) Papito Collective (cumbia rumba) Lord Diabolik (masked fuzz-rock) the all presented by DJ Laurent Allart. We can add that unlike in Qatar, beer is not prohibited in the rows and that the festival attracts between 600 and 1,000 people at each edition. Great performance by the SMIT team of the hospital and the Casa Musicale, which offers one of the most important events within the framework of World AIDS Day. So act!

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A lot of noise against received ideas – OI Canadian

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