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Chinese-Montrealer Feng Tian was last seen walking more than a month ago on Saint-Jacques Street eastbound from Decarie Boulevard on October 17.

Tian is a newcomer to Canada from China and does not speak French or English. He is 180 cm (5′ 11”) tall, weighs 68 kg (150 lbs), has black hair and eyes. He is dressed in a black denim jacket, a black sweater and white and black sneakers.

“Even though there hasn’t been many leads so far, please keep helping us to locate our son,” his mother Sujing Nie says.

The 17-year-old came to Canada at the end of July, his mother joining him at the beginning of September.

Feng Tian's mother Sujing Nie holds a missing flyer of her son who has been missing since Oct.17
Feng Tian’s mother Sujing Nie holds a missing flyer of her son who has been missing since Oct.17 (Photo Credit: Felisha Adam)

The last time Feng’s mother saw him was at lunch at his cousin’s place on Oct. 17th when he left to go home at 4pm.

Sujing received a message from her son at 9pm saying he was ready to go to sleep, and she says when she got home at 11pm that night, there were signs that he was already home.

With the assumption that he was already sleeping in his bedroom Sujing says she did not check to see if he was there.

The next day, on Oct. 18th she discovered he was not in his room, his backpack, money, and wallet still in a drawer. With no response to messages she and his family sent him throughout the day, Sujing was still hopeful she would see him at dinner. When that didn’t happen police were alerted.

Sujing says her son liked it in Canada, he was learning the language and planning on getting his drivers license, something like this is out of the ordinary for him.

Feng Tian has been missing since Oct.17
Feng Tian has been missing since Oct.17 (Photo Credit: Felisha Adam)

“He doesn’t speak a lot of English yet. He knows the basics, but he doesn’t know enough to communicate effectively yet,” describes Sujing. While she says Tian did not have many friends in Canada, she does not believe him to be depressed or have any underlying mental health issues.”

Tian kept in contact with his friends in China via the messaging app WeChat, but his mother says after October 14, three days before his disappearance, Tian stopped communicating with them.

Feng Tian missing Montreal teen police command post SPVM
(CREDIT: Martin Daigle/CityNews)

Montreal police say investigations are still ongoing and that they are not sparing any effort, last week a command post was set up asking the public for help, but still there are no leads on where Feng could be.

“He is just a kid, he didn’t have any high hopes, he wanted to better his English, maybe go back to high school,” his mother says.

“My hope is that he is brought back safely,” says Tricia Bartley, one of the many part of the community that has since rallied behind Sujing.

“If there’s anything that anybody can bring forward to bring back Feng a conversation something that you have seen something you blew off initially anything that could help the police we would be grateful.”

In a message to her son, Sujing’s emotions are unbearable.

“No matter where you are and what circumstances you are, if you’re safe, please come back to me. Please come home. I will always be waiting for you as your mother,” she pleads.

Anyone who believes they have information on the whereabouts of Feng Tian is asked to call 911 or contact Info-Crime Montreal anonymously and confidentially at 514 393-1133 or online

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A mothers plea for help in finding her son

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