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Stefania Brassi, Riccardo Fogli’s ex-girlfriend, is worried about Viola Valentino: the message to Afternoon 5

Another testimony is added to the alarming testimonies regarding the relationship between Francesco Mango and Viola Valentino. Stavola is Stephanie Brassithe ex-girlfriend of Riccardo Fogli (in turn, Valentino’s ex-husband), who sent a video message to Afternoon 5 admitting to Viola that she is worried about herself and her marriage.

“We haven’t heard from each other for 3 years, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday, as is customary in such situations,” Brassi begins in the video message shown in the afternoon 5, which continues – even if I see you rather thin and with a sad look, so I allow myself to tell you that something is wrong.” The woman then reveals: “Since I have always thought of your relationship with Francesco, which you introduced to me, I have also personally seen an exchange of mutual aggressionI’m nobody, but I wanted to tell you.”

Simona Caldarone: “Aggression between Francesco Mango and Viola Valentino? from her”

Back in the studio, Barbara D’Urso adds a very important detail and reveals: “From this video message we became aware We removed very difficult passagesbecause she claims to have seen things.” It is therefore also asked for Simone CaldaroneFrancesco Mango’s alleged lover, whether she has ever witnessed scenes of violence between the two.

When pressed, Caldarone reveals, “It turns out it seems like it’s just him, but it’s not just him. I’m talking about aggression, what I’ve seen is that I’ve never seen him violent, I’ve seen the opposite. – and concludes – I saw your wrong attitude towards Francesco.”


“Aggression Between Viola Valentino And Francesco Mango”/ Shocking Revelations – S Chronicles

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