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SCOTT, La. (KLFY) – Residents in an apartment complex had to be evacuated from their homes after toxic fumes spread throughout the air.

This happened at one of the apartment units near the 200 block of Belfast Street in the Ile Des Cannes apartment complex.

Chief Chad Sonnier of the Scott Fire Department said a downstairs apartment in “One of the four-plexes was being used as a storage shed for a guy that has a lawn service as well as living in it.”

The high level of fumes spread throughout the apartment building causing the area to be hazardous for everyone. This is when officials made the decision to evacuate everyone in the unit.

Sonnier said, “What concerned us tremendously was an ignition source with the amount of vapors we had in the room.”

Sonnier explained how the people living inside the apartment where the equipment was stored had no electricity and were using candles which is a major fire hazard.

Chief Sonnier said people may still smell the odor of the fumes, however, the levels are no longer a danger.

Apartment evacuated after toxic fumes in air

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