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Collider can exclusively present the trailer for Door Mouse, an upcoming neo-noir thriller starring Famke Janssen, Hayley Law, and Keith Powers. The movie is actor Avan Jogia’s (Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, Zombieland: Double Tap) feature directorial debut.

The trailer introduces us to Mouse (Law), a dancer at a burlesque club that dreams about becoming a comic book writer and getting out of the nightlife. Mouse’s hopes for the future are fed by Mama (Janssen), the club owner, who expects Mouse to do something else besides entertaining strangers on the stage. However, Mouse’s dreams are put to hold once two of the nightclub dancers go missing in a couple of weeks. One girl was snatched from her home, while the other disappeared after being cornered in an alley by masked people. Since the police don’t seem to do anything about the girls’ disappearances, Mouse enlists her friend Ugly (Powers) to help her investigate the case herself.

In the trailer, Mouse talks with several people involved in the nightclub, searching for clues. Everyone gives her the same warning, telling Mouse it’s dangerous to ask certain questions. Unfortunately, curiosity kills the Mouse, and when the woman comes too close to the truth, she also becomes a victim. The trailer doesn’t reveal all of the film’s secrets, but we see Mouse kidnaped by people wearing weird masks, put on a leash, and taken to a building to please rich people. Mouse is not one to go down without a fight, though, and the trailer teases how she’ll fight to escape the building and save all the girls inside.

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Who’s Involved with Door Mouse?

Jogia directs Door Mouse from a script he wrote himself. Kyle Mann produced the film via Independent Edge with Jason Ross Jallet for Cause and Effect Entertainment. The movie is executive produced by Jonathan Bronfman for JoBro Productions, Michael Risley for Drive Films, and Eric Gozlan and Nathan Klingher for Goldrush Entertainment. The movie also stars Donal Logue (The Cloverfield Paradox).

Door Mouse comes to theaters and on-demand on January 13. Check out the exclusive trailer and poster, alongside the movie’s synopsis below:


In this gritty super-stylish thriller, Mouse (Hayley Law), is an irreverent dancer at a dead-end burlesque club run by Mama (Famke Janssen), a tough, shady club owner. When Mouse’s only friends and fellow club dancers go missing under mysterious circumstances, nobody at the club seems too concerned about them, and the police couldn’t care less. Mouse and her constant sidekick Ugly (Keith Powers) quickly realize that it is up to them to dig up all the dirt and start the hunt for the culprits. Desperate for answers and with time running out, Mouse chooses a very risky play that plunges her further down the rabbit hole and into a sordid underworld, leaving her out in the open. What she discovers is that corruption runs deep, monsters are real, and that sometimes, justice is meant to be taken into your own hands.

Avan Jogia’s Thriller Stars Hayley Law & Famke Janssen – United States KNews.MEDIA

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