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Association agreement with the EU and security are the topics discussed at the press conference by the secretaries Beccari And Lonfernini. The foreign affairs manager updates on the latest negotiation round which he focused specifically on free movement of workers, “one of the pillars that regulate the treaty and one of the main topics of attention also from the San Marino side”. “The meeting – underlines Luca Beccari – did not define a conclusion to the discussion, but is part of the labor market reform which introduce elements of harmonization with meacquired community”. The Foreign Secretary then expresses the will, between now and the end of the year and then in January, to start a series of meetings both institutional, involving trade unions, representatives of categories and other stakeholders, and with citizens. Going back to the last negotiating round, Beccari points out that the Commission is well aware of the peculiarities of San Marino; for example on the establishment of people, “the hypothesis of a quotation system”, Liechtenstein-style. In December there will be a new round of negotiations, which will be followed by another six from January to June; then there will be the multilateral ones on rights and duties.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Affairs Commission is committed to the reform of the discipline of the diplomatic career; where Beccari registers a climate and a fair confrontation, as well as sharing on general principles.

We then move on to talk about safetywhere i thefts homes in the area in the last two months. Events that have increased the worry of fellow citizens. The government – says Beccari – is constantly working to block the phenomenon which is physiological, but which must in any case be contrasted with all the means available. So much so that the forces of order are all engaged in extraordinary territorial control and investigation activities. The Foreign Secretary then provides some details on the gang of criminals: he works in the Rimini and commits thefts in San Marino and nearby areas; moves into an abnormal mode, without using cars or cell phonespasses by rural areas, paying attention to the cameras. Beccari then anticipates that in Financial you will have to try to secure means and resources to the forces of order: “We work on the contingency, but looking ahead to minimize these phenomena”, declares the secretary, underlining the always valid cooperation with the police forces of the neighboring provinces.

The Secretary Teodoro Lonfernini intervenes on the part concerning the job market within the last round of negotiations. “The country – he says – has already started a process of integration with the European Union; we are practically there carry on with the latest reforms. The secretary points out that “our system is already inclusive comparison for European citizensas testified by 7 thousand frontier workers”, representing 30% of the total workforce. The Commission – it was reported at the press conference – appreciated the abolition of some regulations, such as the 4.5% fee. “We are working on a long, complex, intense path; however, the evaluation of the course is absolutely positive”.

between EU association agreement and security, “resources for law enforcement agencies in the Budget”

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