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ACADIANA (KLFY) — As residents across Acadiana continue to face boil advisories and issues with water pressure, News 10 spoke with representatives at LUS to find out how much longer these issues will stick around.

Alex Antonowitsch, public information specialist for LUS, said, “The boil advisory is still in effect, especially for the Lafayette area for LUS customers. We’re just starting to do some testing now because the pressures are starting to stabilize.

The biggest delay in testing to resolve the boil advisory is fluctuating water pressure due to freezing temperatures and extended use of water during the holidays.

“Part of it too has been the pressure going up and down,” Antonowitsch said. “It really has been a mix of the holiday consumption with people coming into town and families cooking and it really was just a bad time to have an ice storm come through and if there were any burst pipes with the weather warming up throughout the day those pipes would start to move where it was frozen and we detect the leaks.”

Antonowitsch said water samples are able to be collected now that pressure is stabilized and residents continue to inform crews of bust pipes.

“So now that the pressure is stabilized in a majority of areas we can resume the testing so we have to take a sample and let it sit for about 24 hours just to make sure things are alright with the water,” Antonowitsch said. “Then once we hear back from the department of health and human services then we can contact our customers just to let them know it’s now safe to lift the boil advisory.”

As water testing resumes, Antonowitsch hopes to see the boil advisory lifted across Lafayette in the next 24 hours.

Boil advisories continue in Acadiana

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