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Brimbank residents are urged to bring volunteer levels back to pre-pandemic levels.

A new state government campaign, “Ready to Volunteer,” aims to increase volunteer numbers, with an online database of thousands of volunteer opportunities.

Carers and Volunteers Parliamentary Secretary, Josh Bull, said: “It is important to find the right volunteer opportunity for every person and many organizations offer flexible approaches to ensure that anyone who wants to volunteer can do it”.

The campaign will focus on the meaningful contributions volunteers make and how there is something suitable for everyone’s skills and personal interests.

According to a national pre-pandemic survey, 36 percent of Australians were involved in volunteering. Last year, that figure fell to 26 percent.

The economic value of volunteering in 2019 reached $58 billion, with an average of 224 hours of work per volunteer.


Call for weapons for volunteers – WooDZog

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