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HARLINGEN, Texas (AP) — All Southwest Airlines flights from Houston to Harlingen’s Valley International Airport were listed as cancelled Tuesday as the airline faced issues related to both weather and staffing across the nation.

On Monday, nearly two-thirds of Southwest Airlines flights were delayed or canceled due to winter storms across the U.S. and related staffing issues, according to a statement from the airline.

Across the country, thousands of people waited at airports to be re-booked or to find their luggage in piles in between carousels.

At Los Angeles International Airport, Southwest passenger Beenish Saleem was exasperated after her Sunday flight to Texas was canceled.

“Christmas was just ruined. This was the worst Christmas ever,” said Saleem, who searched overnight in vain for her missing luggage.

Over 2,700 domestic and international flights were canceled on Monday according to the tracking website FlightAware.

Based on FlightAware data, airports all across the U.S. were suffering from cancellations and delays, including Denver, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Seattle, Baltimore, and Chicago.

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Cancelled Southwest woes flights affect Rio Grande Valley

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