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Warning: The following contains spoilers from Wednesday Chicago fire Premiere. Proceed at your own risk!

A blast from the past brought with it a major development Brett and Casey’s relationship during Chicago fire‘s season 11 premiere.

Brett spent much of the episode missing her boyfriend, who was back in Portland, and after an unexpected visit from her ex-fiancé, the Chaplain Kyle (guest star Teddy Sears) – who revealed he was engaged! – The paramedic made a big decision about her own romantic future.

“Our stars just didn’t line up, that’s all. The timing just wasn’t right. But Matt, maybe one day…” Brett said in a phone call with Casey.

Meanwhile, Gallo learned that after taking blame for the Emma situation, Hawkins had been transferred south-east from DC Hill to protect Violet. Despite longing for her, Gallo passed the information on to Violet, who wished to reunite with Hawkins. And now that the paramedic field chief is working in a different county, the couple can be together in public.

Below, showrunners Andrea Newman and Derek Haas explain why “Brettsey” had to split and reveal if the door is really closed on the couple. The EPs also show how “the chains are falling off Violet and Hawkins now” and how Gallo will deal with losing the girl.

TVLINE | Talk to me about the decision to have Brett break up with Casey at the end of the premiere.
ANDREA NEUMANN | Honestly, it’s about the development of this character. We’ve seen her turn her life upside down twice [men]. When she came [to Firehouse 51], it was because of a breakup with a guy and then she moved away from Chicago with the chaplain. So she made a lot of decisions based on those relationships and grew into this stronger, more independent woman. So, no matter how much she loves Casey, and it’s undeniable, she’s now making decisions that apply to her own future and to her life with this paramedic she really cares about. We’re going to record it and you’ll see it growing a lot and you’ll hear them talk about it. So it’s a lot of fun to watch. She’s a toughie now. She’s a really strong, independent paramedic. She had a lot to do when she came, and she did it. It’s a fun thing to watch.

Chicago Fire Casey returns

TVLINE | As you progressed through the storyline with her and Casey last season, did you realize that navigating a long-distance relationship off-screen was more difficult than you anticipated? Was that part of it?
NEW MAN | I wouldn’t say it’s harder. We believed that because they loved each other so much that they would both give their all, but that there was a kind of inevitability, a conclusion, to their circumstances.

TVLINE | However, you left the door a bit open there. She says, “Maybe one day.” Are you hoping to revisit the relationship when the stars match Jesse Spencer?
DEREK HAAS | Oh yeah! We always hope that these stars align.

TVLINE | You said Brett’s going to focus on the paramedics. Do you feel like you have to keep her single for a long time just to give people time to mourn this relationship?
NEW MAN | A long time is subjective I guess, but she’s in love with Casey. There is no doubt. You can’t just turn that off. So that will be something to struggle with as she tries to move forward.

TVLINE | That the chaplain was the one who prompted Brett’s decision, so to speak, was unexpected. Why did you decide that he needed to come back into the picture and kind of goad her into it?
NEW MAN | It’s twofold, honestly. It’s the fun, when we see it you inevitably think, ‘Oh my god, are they going to get back together?! Is that what these psycho writers do?!” [Laughs] But then it just sheds light on a number of things. First of all the element of star alignment that he had and luckily has in his life and she is painfully aware that she doesn’t have it but also the fact that she had been changing her whole life to move to to be with him [Kyle] and just a reminder that she’s not like that anymore.

TVLINE | Even though Brett and Casey are no longer together, will we still get updates about Casey, maybe Severide?
NEW MAN | Yes, we’ll keep hearing from him and people turn to Casey for advice. They’re all close, they’re still family. So you will definitely hear his name.

Chicago fire spoilersTVLINE | Now that Violet and Hawkins are back together and their relationship is public, what can we expect from them?
HAAS | So I can tell you that what we’ve found is that, for some reason, audiences love it when couples go out on the town together. So we thought it would be nice if Hawkins asked Violet to go out of town with him in an upcoming episode.
NEW MAN | And the funny thing now is that even though Hawkins in particular has dealt a blow to his career, it’s like the chains are off. You are now free. They can be together and be together in public, and it’s a whole new chapter for them to be out in the world as a couple and really explore it together.

TVLINE | Although Gallo did the right thing in helping make this reconciliation possible, he lost the girl in the process. So how does he deal with it?
NEW MAN | He’s the best guy in the world because he really loves Violet and that’s why he really wants what’s best for her and he had to do that. I think when he did that he blocked it. Regardless of his feelings, he has closed that part of his mind to Violet and he will move on.
HAAS | He won’t be alone for long.
NEW MAN | No, he’s going to carry on having a heck of a lot of fun. I will say that. [Laughs]

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Chicago Fire Recap: Season 11 Premiere Episode 1 – Brett/Casey – World Time Todays

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