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There is no denying that Thor: Love and Thunder tipped the scale in favor of those MCU fans who had been calling Phase Four a far cry from the excellence exhibited by the likes of Avengers: Endgame. The general sentiment recently gained some official weight after Chris Hemsworth seemingly lobbed indirect comments at director Taika Waititi for creating a subpar film. Apparently, that’s all disgruntled fans needed to put their imagination—which now seems to be backed by Hemsworth harboring similar feelings—to good use by envisioning the kind of Thor we want to see next. 

While there are many who stoically stand by the debatable charms of Love and Thunder, the reigning consensus is that the film fails to meet the lofty expectations set by Thor: Ragnarok. If fans are to be believed, when Hemsworth said that if he were to return as Thor in his fifth solo outing as the Asgardian warrior, it has to be a “drastically different version in tone, everything, just for my own sanity,” he was insinuating his unhappiness with the direction the last film took. 

So, one fan decided to take to depict what Hemsworth probably has in mind for his character in Thor 5. 

The impressive fan art has evidently tried to restore Thor to his former glory, something which the God of Thunder enjoyed during the events of films like Thor: Dark World and Avengers: Infinity War. Though majorly impressed with the art, fans pointed out that as Love and Thunder took the humor train introduced by Ragnarok a bit too far and turned the brave Asgardian’s adventures with someone as unhinged as Gorr the Butcher into a parody, it would be a miracle if the studio manages to elevate the superhero to the heights the above fan art dares to capture. 

While Thor 5 is more or less inevitable, it remains to be seen whether Marvel Studios continues with the way Love and Thunder chose to depict Thor’s story or if the divisive reviews against the film dissuade them from treading the same path once again. 

Chris Hemsworth’s dream vision for the final ‘Thor’ movie might’ve been found in epic fan art

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