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An artist’s impression of one of the new houses

Plans for new houses in Clynder have once again been recommended for approval after council officials received information that was requested.

Paul Rodger’s plans to demolish an existing house and replace it with three new builds at Peat Knowe will go before councillors for the third time on Wednesday.

And a planning official has recommended that the proposal is given the go-ahead, with the addition of another condition that details of the construction of a retaining wall are approved by the council.

The wall must also be implemented as per the conditions before any other development can take place on the site.

The matter will be discussed at a meeting of the council’s planning, protective services and licensing committee.

It was previously recommended for approval at the committee’s June meeting before being continued, and then continued again at its August meeting to allow extra information to be obtained.

A phase one survey submitted by planning agents Ardmore Point said: “The site is irregular in shape, with an area of approximately 0.27 hectares.

“The site is bound on the north by residential property, to the east by residential property and Back Road, the south by residential property, and the west by undeveloped agricultural land.

“The site topography is gently sloping. There is approximately a 10.00m decline in ground level on site from west to east.”

However, a planner said: “The description of the current site use is not accepted by planning officers. The site has been stripped of any soft landscaping including trees, hedgerows, shrubs and grass as part of land engineering works.

“The topography of the site is not ‘gently sloping’ but has a very steep and relatively high excavated bank along the rear boundary and ground made up from the spoil from that excavation along the front of the site including a high bank along the front edge of the site adjacent to the rear boundaries of existing residential properties.

“The conclusions of the Phase 1 report are generally accepted with the exceptions of the description of the current site topography/landscaping [and] the observation that it does not address issues of flooding outside of the site or ground stability.

“The Phase 2 report is perhaps more informative in that the assessment is based on in-situ testing and intrusive ground investigation including boreholes.

“It is noted that three boreholes were located at regular intervals along the top of the banked material used to build up the ground level adjacent to the front (north eastern) site boundary.”

The official then said: “It is recommended that the application be approved in line with the original recommendation as presented to members at the June PPSL committee meeting.

“In addition, it is considered that the representations received subsequent to the June meeting of the PPSL do not raise any further material planning considerations such as would warrant the refusal of this application for planning permission.”

Clynder house plan to be discussed for a third time – The Lochside Press

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