In this article, you will get all information regarding CNEWS, Monaco Grand Prix, Louis Boyard affair… Gérald-Brice Viret, Canal+ program director confides in the Monaco Press Club

He is outspoken and has nearly four decades of experience in the mysteries of French broadcasting. Gérald-Brice Viret was the guest of the Monaco Press Club to talk about his action, since 2015, as general manager of the antennas and programs of the Canal+ group: 11 million subscribers in France, 40 million worldwide, around thirty channels from France, of which he supervises the grids.

“Our priority is pay channels” he explains, “they make up 98% of our turnover. When I arrived, one employee out of two was working on the clear. Today 100% works for paid programs. The clear is not what people pay for. People pay for movies, sports, dramas, documentaries or music. Then we have these few free channels, which make a lot of noise, which are C8 and CNEWS”.

Launched in 2017 in the rubble of Itélé, the free news channel of the Canal+ group, CNEWS is significant in the French audiovisual landscape. “Faced with other news channels, it was necessary to make a differentiation. We carried out a marketing study and installed this channel on the debate which is not necessarily on the right or on the left. By invitation everyone on CNEWS. After the journalists and those who debate are right or left. Some would say more right… what’s important is that the channel is a success.

It was at 0.4% of audience, it is today at more than 2% with characters who hold the antenna. The channel has found its positioning, it is almost commendable this year, that’s all a private group is looking for. We went to look for a local audience, in the provinces, who wanted a different tone. We do not amplify what is happening in the country, we show it. I am convinced that this channel is essential to global debate and democracy. CNEWS brings its stone to the globality of democracy and fully respects its agreement with the CSA by inviting all the political colors of France. We are an opinion channel and I hear things about CNEWS that are unacceptable. For me, it’s a channel that serves democracy”.

“At the time he was on Paris Première and RTL, we wanted this political columnist. We didn’t know it was going to be a hit. And we didn’t know either that he would run for the presidential election. and consumes 7% of the votes. We haven’t had Zemmour for a year, but that doesn’t prevent us from having a huge audience and reaching 600,000 spectators at 7 p.m. “.

“The C8 channel is presented to a very large audience, very young to get the subscribers of tomorrow. And Cyril Hanouna has succeeded in rejuvenating the targets. In particular young people under 25, who are difficult to have on television. Moreover , politicians come to TPMP because they know that they will automatically address younger and more popular targets, who do not watch political broadcasts on France 2 or news channels. The Interior was on the set and had the impression of a close discussion. Cyril Hanouna has duties and responsibilities, he is aware of them. He is so close to his audience that he is emotional sincere. That’s what makes the difference with the other animators. I understand people who don’t like it. I find the show great, it has a crazy audience and brings young people back to television. Cyril Hanouna’s show is essential to the French audiovisual landscape. It corresponds to a public expectation. Things are happening in our country, there is a need for information, a need to discuss, we contribute enormously to democracy. It’s a way to position a string, and it works. Many channels on DTT are tasteless, odorless and don’t have the same character as C8”.

No Grand Prix in Monaco? It’s unimaginable

In 2023, Canal + will celebrate its first decade of acquiring television rights to broadcast the Formula 1 world championship. A bet at the time for the historic football channel which is proving to be promising.

“We have 1.8 million viewers for a Grand Prix, plus the replay. Today it is Canal+’s main sport. Almost one in two subscribers watches F1, with a more feminine, younger audience , confirms Gérald-Brice Viret. A success he attributes “to the pilots, to the rebirth of the stables and to Netflix who made us with Drive to survive one hell of an ad”. I also quoterare expertise” of the editorial staff of the channel and of these journalists – including Julien Febreau – for discipline.

“F1 is the most watched sport by our subscribers”

“F1 is today, ahead of the Champions League, the sport most watched by our subscribers. I also want to do an event in Monaco, the week of the Grand Prix, to celebrate ten years of F1 on Canal “.

The Monegasque withers have a special place for Gérald-Brice Viret. When he ran TMC, the channel was in charge of the production technique to provide the international signal to media around the world.

And he does not envisage the Monegasque circuit disappearing from the Formula 1 calendar.It’s unimaginable ! The passion for motor sports is in the DNA of the Principality. The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​the highlight of the season. I can’t imagine a calendar without Monaco, as broadcasters, we would be sad and angry if the meeting disappeared. The future will tell, but I wish with all my heart that we can celebrate the centenary of F1 in Monaco in 2029.”.

Louis Boyard case: “Cyril Hanouna was trapped”

This is the media clash of recent days on the air of C8. On November 10 in the program Touche pas à mon poste, the deputy of La France Insoumise, Louis Boyard invited to talk about the subject of the Viking Ocean criticized the channel’s majority shareholder, Vincent Bolloré, on the air. What accused the anger of the host of the show, Cyril Hanouna who insulted his guest. Since then, the parliamentarian has filed a complaint for public insult.

For Gérald-Brice Viret, the LFI deputy “trapped” Cyril Hanouna.

“There was a skid, but like in a car, two people skid. Louis Boyard is a former collaborator of C8. He was invited to talk about the Ocean Viking and there, from my point of view, he trapped Cyril Hanouna, on a sensitive chord when speaking of Canal shareholder Vincent Bolloré.

He mentioned his name 17 times. Cyril felt betrayed. It’s not the deputy he had in front of him, it’s the former collaborator. Treason is spitting in the soup. And there it goes wrong.

I regret the words that were said. Cyril should have kept his cool, but what’s done, is done. We talked about it with Cyril. We are sorry but we are united, as in a family where we are very proud to have a shareholder like Vincent Bolloré. He is a wonderful person humanly and intellectually, he is a very big French boss. I know that he often watches C8 and that he likes this channel very much.

This streak is a difficult moment but we feel that in TPMP we never crossed a red line. We have the right to do stupid things.

Today, the deputies of insubordinate France say that they no longer want to come to C8. They will come back, they don’t have forty channels where they are invited”.

CNEWS, Monaco Grand Prix, Louis Boyard affair… Gérald-Brice Viret, Canal+ program director confides in the Monaco Press Club

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