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Unelected officials have too much power in Argyll and Bute, a councillor has said after resigning from the ruling group.

Tommy MacPherson, who is now suspended from the Conservative group, said he had found himself ‘tactfully

Tommy MacPherson: ‘Marginalised’

marginalised’ in raising his views.

He announced on Wednesday that he had decided to leave the council’s ruling administration – The Argyll, Lomond and the Islands Group (TALIG) – and the next day the Conservatives’ group leader on the council, Gary Mulvaney, said Cllr MacPherson had been suspended by the party and would sit as an independent.

Cllr MacPherson, who will now face a hearing in January on whether his actions warrant a permanent expulsion from the party, said that he had been put on ‘the naughty step’.

 “It is my opinion that they are just too cosy with their style of governance,” he added.

“The autonomous decision making granted to officers during the Covid era has remained embedded within certain departments and individuals.

“I have tired of appealing to senior members within the Conservative group of TALIG that there must be a refocus towards democratic leadership, policy, responsibility and accountability.

“In raising my observations, my frustrations, I found myself being tactfully marginalised. Now I am sat on the naughty step awaiting judgement by the one and same peers.

“I remain steadfast to the people of South Kintyre. I stood for election on ‘local issues, local priorities’ and these past seven months I have endeavoured to do just that.

“My vote will remain to serve the best interests of my community I was elected to represent. Never more so in this cost of living and energy crisis; my focus must be to the individuals and families that need their voices heard.

“So until the hearing in January the plan remains unchanged; it’s business as usual representing Campbeltonians and rural Kintyre; my community.”

Cllr MacPherson added that he would ‘never, never, never’ join any SNP administration on the council in future.


Councillor ‘on the naughty step’ after resigning – The Lochside Press

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