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The Argentine vice-president assured that there would be a stamp and impunity for those who were not Peronists

Cristina Fernández ruled out her resignation or self-exclusion from political life. (Photo: PL)

Argentine Vice-President Cristina Fernández called this Tuesday to avoid having democracy ruled by a parallel state and managed by mafia, almost 40 years after it was regained in this country.

During the inauguration of the Diego Armando Maradona Sports Center in the city of Villa Corina in Buenos Aires, the Vice President called for a mobilization for March 24, 2023, the National Day of Commemoration of Truth and Justice.

He also denounced violations committed by a “judiciary party” and asserted that the Supreme Court was ignoring the law.

The also head of the Senate questioned the Supreme Court’s recent decision to issue a precautionary measure for the government to pay an increase in equity funds to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s wealthiest city.

We live in an unusual moment. It’s as if the rule of law has disappeared. They will give money for the election campaign to the head of government of the capital (Horacio Rodríguez), who will certainly be the opposition candidate, he said.

There is a letter of marque and impunity for those who are not Peronists. A country like this is not sustainable and everyone’s efforts will be needed. We need an arbitrator of the judiciary to apply the law and guarantee that all citizens are equal before the law, he added.

He also felt it necessary to mobilize the whole nation on March 24th under the motto Argentina and democracy without mafia.

What is happening today is not fair for those who suffered the consequences of the dictatorship (1976-1983) or for the millions who continue to bet on democracy, he said.

Argentina’s vice president condemned attempts to ban it

Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernández on Tuesday ruled out resigning or excluding herself from political life and denouncing measures against her and Peronism.

On the 6th of this month, the Federal Court of Justice 2 sentenced the Vice President to six years in prison and permanent removal from office for alleged administrative fraud against the public administration.

After learning of the verdict, the former head of state pointed to the existence of a parallel state, a mafia and a judicial party prosecuting her for crimes she did not commit, and ruled out running for the 2023 elections.

The only resignation that Peronism had was that of Eva Perón (1919-1952). Here, too, there is no self-exclusion, but prohibitions. This strategy is not new. The first thing they did was put together a process with precision and an almost surgical chronology, as this day emphasized.

They decided to put me on the defendant’s bench on May 21, 2019, 15 days before the deadlines for setting up the electoral fronts that would contest the presidency of the nation. I dismantled that maneuver when I announced an alliance with Alberto Fernández, he added.

He also stated that the trial against him has been extended until the arrival of the next voting shift and the reasoning behind his sentence will be read out on March 9, 2023.

That day, but in 1956, Decree 4161 was published in the Official Gazette, forbidding saying the words Perón (Juan Domingo, 1895-1974) and Evita and singing Our March, he recalled.

Likewise, he claimed the ban was an act to discipline Argentina’s political leadership and ensure that no one dared to take any action for the good of the citizens.

Cristina Fernández Calls For The Fight Against The Mafia And The Parallel State In Argentina – S Chronicles

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