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THE sister of one of the Delphi murder victims has paid tribute to her sibling on what would’ve been her 20th birthday.

It comes just weeks after suspect Richard Allen, who faces trial for the 2017 killings of Libby German and Abby Williams, made a bold plea in court.


Libby German and Abby Williams were found dead by an abandoned railroad in Delphia, Indiana in 2017[/caption]


Their deaths sparked a probe that lasted years as FBI agents tried to identify their killer[/caption]

Libby’s sister Kelsi paid her respects to her sibling on what would’ve been her 20th birthday on Tuesday.

She shared a picture of her headstone and captioned the post: “We made sure she got some of her favorite things today.”

A bunch of flowers and a snowman soft plush toy had been laid at the memorial and there was a full McCafé drink nearby.

An illustration depicting McDonald’s fries had been placed at the foot of the headstone.

Multicolored sprinkles had been put inside a container and placed on the snowy turf at the cemetery.

Allen, a 50-year-old dad, was arrested at the end of October in what was a bombshell development.

He has pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder.

Libby, 14, and Abby, 13, were found dead in a Delphi, Indiana woods on Valentine’s Day 2017.

Their bodies were discovered near an abandoned railroad.

Allen worked as a pharmacy technician at a local CVS outlet and remained in the community before he was named a suspect.

He is facing trial and his attorneys have asked the court for funding to hire experts that will help bolster their case in a filing.

Allen’s lawyers claim that he doesn’t have the money needed to defend himself properly.

His team is also reportedly attempting to keep their defense strategy secret from prosecutors.

Allen’s lawyers have requested that the judge order court personnel and court reporters keep information released in hearings confidential.

A judge has already issued a gag order which forbids all parties involved in the case from speaking publicly about it, WTHR reports.

Previously unseen court documents were released into the public domain weeks after Allen was arrested.

A bullet that was found near Libby and Abby’s bodies seemed to tie Allen to the killings.

He voluntarily spoke to Indiana state police cops about the recovered bullet on October 26, according to the documents.

He allegedly failed to explain why a bullet from his gun was at the crime scene.

Allen apparently claimed that he “never allowed anyone to use or borrow” his firearm.

One key piece of evidence that the police had previously released to the public was an audio recording from a video on Libby’s phone.

In the recording, a man is heard saying: “down the hill.”

Police also gave a picture of the man wearing a dark jacket and jeans.

The affidavit revealed that when the man approached the girls, one of the victims mentions the word “gun.”

As the video ends,  the man tells Libby and Abby: “Guys, down the hill.”

Once the girls begin to go down the hill, the clip cuts out.

Libby’s mom Carrie Timmons told the U.S. Sun that she had hoped all documents relating to Allen’s arrest would remain shielded.

She was worried that the case against him could be compromised.

A bond hearing for Allen was set for February 17, 2023, and his jury trial has been scheduled for March 24.


Richard Allen has pleaded not guilty to the girls’ murders[/caption]

Instagram/Kelsi German

Libby’s sister Kelsi German has paid tribute to her sibling on what would’ve been her 20th birthday[/caption]

Delphi murder victim’s sister shares tragic post to mark huge milestone after suspect Richard Allen’s bold request

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