In this article, you will get all information regarding Disney’s new movie ‘Strange World’ focuses on family, planet and inclusion

PHILADELPHIA — Just in time for the holidays, Disney’s “Strange World” hits theaters on Wednesday.

The new movie is about finding our place within our family and taking care of our people, and our planet.

The star-studded cast said it’s also a celebration of representation and visibility.

“At the heart of ‘Strange World’ is a very simple idea,” said Jake Gyllenhaal, the voice of Searcher Clade. “It’s about how we treat the world around us in our environment.”

In “Strange World,” we meet three generations, each learning to accept that everyone charts their own course.

Dennis Quaid is the voice of Jaeger Clade, an explorer.

“I was very impressed with his biceps,” Quaid laughed.

He’s reunited with his son, Searcher, and grandson Ethan.

“We’re still working out what we love about each other and what we can’t stand about each other,” Quaid said.

“I think the movie is about being yourself, not what you’re supposed to be or what somebody else thinks you should be.”

“Strange World” also introduces Ethan as Disney Animation’s first openly gay teen character.

“This wasn’t a coming out story,” said Jaboukie Young-White, the voice of Ethan, who says the visibility of this character drew him to the role.

“There wasn’t a lot of weight attached to his queerness and his identity. That’s just who he was.”

Gabrielle Union voices the mom, Meridian.

“She strongly encourages Ethan to be exactly who he is, and to live out loud,” Union said. “She doesn’t ask him to diminish any part of himself to fit into their family.”

The film is also a love letter to our planet.

“I think the beautiful thing is that all three generations need all of them together in order to get the job done,” says Young-White.

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Disney’s new movie ‘Strange World’ focuses on family, planet and inclusion

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