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OKEMOS, Mich. (WLNS) — A majority of people who were impacted by the fire at Knob Hill Apartments checked out of their temporary hotel rooms Monday morning.

It’s leaving many victims wondering what lies ahead for them.

Meanwhile, donations for the people impacted have a new location.

The Faith Lutheran Church on Dobie Rd. opened its building to house items and give to those who lost everything.

“It’s been very touching, and we can’t thank everyone enough,” said Brianna Nelson, a former resident of Knob Hill.

This community isn’t one to stand by and watch. They take action.

According to the Faith Lutheran Church’s Secretary Katie Love, teams from Okemos including the basketball team, the action team, the will team, teachers and community members are helping sort through donations that have been made.

“The people that were displaced from Knob Hill, all of those donations were initially taken to the Holiday Inn Express in Okemos,” said Love. “So, Faith Lutheran Church offered their large fellowship hall to house donations, and this is going to be a free store.”

According to organizers Monday, they have more stuff than they know what to do with.

“We don’t need any more donations right now we have plenty, but we will be reaching out to the community for very specific items needed if families come in, and need diapers, certain size clothing, we’ll reach out and get those,” Love said.

Despite that, those impacted by the deadly fire still have to start from square one.

“It’s been overwhelming right now, not knowing what we need, not knowing what we’re going to get, but the support system’s been strong, and we have each other so that’s all that matters,” Nelson said.

 That includes roommates Brianna Nelson and Miki Perpignani.

“I think the next steps are basically just trying to find another place for permanent housing and rebuild,” Perpignani said.

They added that they’re starting to look for a new place to live, which could take a while.

“We’re going to get a place together and take our animals and we’re just going to rebuild slowly. But the community’s help I think will have a lot of what we need, bare basics,” Nelson said. “Without you guys, without everyone, our families, just the community, the friends, everyone, we wouldn’t be okay.”

Organizers said it’s the least they could do.

“It’s everything, right? Our community jumped in so quickly, as you can see with all these donations, we just want to help,” said Love. “These are our friends, they’re our co-workers, they’re people we go to school with, so we want to help and just be there for them and their community.”

Starting Tuesday, those affected by the fire can pick up items needed from 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Donations for displaced apartment residents moved to Okemos church

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