In this article, you will get all information regarding Eco-Friendly Crypto, IMPT Is Now Getting Listed On Major has been impressive so far in its presale event. Despite the crypto market’s raging storm, this green-conscious platform surpassed $20 million as capital raised in its two-staged ICO. Even more remarkable is how it is already getting listed on top-tier crypto exchange platforms like Changelly Pro, Lbank, and Uniswap.
Undoubtedly, seeks to provide impressive utilities and tremendous gains to its enthusiastic users and investors in the coming weeks. With IMPT’s Initial

Exchange Offering already live, this article examines some fascinating features of the IMPT platform to look forward to in the coming year. 

IMPT Overview

IMPT showcases a conscious effort to combat climate change and global warming by implementing effective eco-friendly solutions, whereby individuals can participate and earn rewards. 

By implementing a carbon offset program, connects individuals and businesses with socially responsible brands to engage in green shopping to reduce their carbon impact. Also, users can take an active part in impactful environmental projects that would offer sustainable solutions to the effects of climate change. These projects can effectively reduce carbon emissions while consumers utilize green energy. 

Furthermore, some of these projects include afforestation, solar and hydro generation, methane capture, carbon storage, wind farms, and more. Users are free to choose any project they are most interested in.

>>>Buy IMPT Now! Has Started Receiving Listings on on Top-Tier Exchanges’s practical solution to reduce carbon impact has impressed over 25,000 top retail brands, investors, and individuals. This impression would further heighten as after concluding its presale event, is set to list its token on three top-tier exchanges starting December 14, 2022.

The CEO of this green project, Denis Creighton, announced that IMPT has agreed to list on Lbank, Changelly, and Uniswap after the conclusion of its presale event. Moreso, $IMPT will set its listing price some 8% above the last presale price of $0.023.

Denis also added that seven crypto exchanges are in the works to list this green token. Reacting to this news, many crypto investors speculate that $IMPT will provide at least 10X gains when it lists on these exchanges. While that may be true and could fascinate crypto traders, IMPT has also proven that it is not a mere pump-and-dump scheme via its green energy initiative.

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IMPT’s Use of Carbon Credits

Whether users shop with affiliate brands or participate in environmental projects, IMPT rewards them with carbon credits. A carbon credit equals one ton of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. 

The demand for carbon credits will increase based on users’ willingness to combat climate change. Recent reports on climate changes and global warming have moved users to join IMPT’s carbon offset program to reduce greenhouse emissions while earning carbon credits.

Users can stack their carbon credits and tokenize them as NFTs on the IMPT platform. This tokenization process ensures the uniqueness of carbon credits and prevents double spending problems. Also, these NFTs will be displayed on a blockchain ledger, providing a safer and more transparent way for users to keep track of their tokenized carbon credits. will enable users to trade their tokenized carbon credits for cash on its marketplace. Also, its native token, $IMPT, will process transactions on this marketplace. Users can also choose to hold their NFTs for future investment purposes.

Environmentally conscious users can contribute to positive climate change by retiring their tokenized carbon credits on the IMPT platform, thus reducing the supply of carbon credits. rewards these users with a collective NFT that is more valuable than the tokenized carbon credit. 

The carbon credit market has huge potential and could reach $50 billion by 2023. Also, the demand for carbon credits will increase multiple folds by 2030. Hence taking an active part in the IMPT program and carbon credits’ reward structure is a sure way of securing long-term gains in the carbon offset market. 

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IMPT Tokenomics

$IMPT drives the IMPT ecosystem, which has seen increasing demands by investors given its first stage of presale event. $IMPT, as an ERC-20 token, has a few aces up its sleeves that would ensure its holders get premium value when they utilize it in the IMPT ecosystem.

As earlier mentioned, utilizes $IMPT tokens to process NFT transactions in its marketplace. Also, users can enjoy shopping discounts and more sale margins when they purchase products and services on the IMPT platform.   

$IMPT holders can also participate in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). This governance feature enables holders to make effective decisions and vote on projects that will build the future of IMPT.  

With a total supply of 3 billion IMPT, IMPT allocated 1.26 billion for its two presale stages which started in late October 2022. The first stage set the $IMPT price at $0.018, which sold out in less than a month. In its second presale stage, $IMPT’s price increased to $0.023 per token. Thankfully the presale event has ended, and over $20 million was raised. also announced that unsold presale tokens would be burned, ultimately reducing supply and increasing its value. Although planned for a third presale stage, the allocation for this stage (540 million tokens) will be locked for 14 months by the IMPT team.    


There you go! The 2-month-long presale event came to a remarkable end on the 11th of December, 2022. Exchange listings began two days after, and crypto investors are poised to enjoy massive gains in the coming weeks. Also, it will fully implement its carbon offset program by 2023, thus providing more gains to users.

In case you missed IMPT in its presale stages, now is still a good time to purchase it at a relatively low price before its value skyrockets. offers long-term sustainable features that would bring fantastic investment returns in the coming year. Hurry now and purchase this green token before it is too late.  

Eco-Friendly Crypto, IMPT Is Now Getting Listed On Major

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