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It is the Ecological and Social Alliance, which brings together in particular Attac, the CGT, Greenpeace, the Peasant Confederation or Oxfam, which is at the origin of this petition. Its goal: to review the ambition of the tax on superprofits. To do this, 100,000 signatures are necessary in order to oblige the Senate to reopen the debate via a bill, explains Vincent Drezet, spokesperson for Attac.

Why this petition when the government has passed in force by adopting by 49.3 the State budget law 2023 which does not include a real tax on superprofits?

The government’s use of 49.3 when voting on the budget deprived us of a parliamentary and public debate on all tax-related issues. There was a special report on tax evasion, on the abolition of the CVAE [Cotisation sur la valeur ajoutée des entreprises, dont la fin va surtout profiter aux grands groupes ndlr.] but also this question of tax on superprofits. Thus, after having denied the existence of these exceptional profits, the government is content to decline the bare minimum of the European framework. We have therefore, with the Ecological and Social Alliance, launched a petition on this subject on the Senate website. If it reaches 100,000 signatures, it will force the upper house of Parliament to deal with the subject and open a public debate on the issue.

What has been validated and what do you recommend?

The European system, validated at a minimum, concerns only the energy sector and plans to collect around 200 million euros. But no impact study supports this estimate. This involves taxing the superprofits of companies in the sector at 33%. The part of the profits greater than 1.2 times the average of the profits of the previous years is thus taxable. Strictly speaking, we can share this definition. But we believe that companies in the transport, pharmaceutical, agri-food or technology sectors have also made super profits. The proof: in 2021, we have calculated that for the CAC 40 alone, these excess profits reach 70 to 80 billion euros. Even if we took 10 to 20 billion from them, they would still have quite a hoard. It is therefore proposed to capture a share of these profits by accompanying this imposition of controls, to avoid tax evasion. We could otherwise operate as for GAFAM and tax sales taking place in France. It would also be a method to relocate the tax.

The French are 60% in favor of a real tax on superprofits. How do you interpret it?

This tax is a request from the population who are fed up with fiscal and social injustices. With the end of the Wealth Tax (ISF), the introduction of the single flat-rate levy, the repeated tax evasion scandals… the situation has worsened. The French are aware that the tax policy of this government benefits above all the richest. Even France Strategy, an institution attached to the Prime Minister, affirms it. The tax burden falls more and more on the middle class and SMEs, which is particularly sensitive in this inflationary context. All of this undermines the willingness to tax. We should also note an awareness of the fact that it will be necessary to finance the energy transition as well as the suffering public services. This tax on superprofits is not miraculous. It will not fix tax injustices. But it remains a strong symbol.

“Even if they take 20 billion of their superprofits, they will still have a hell of a lot”

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