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ExFaustão na Band ballerina comments on mass layoffs: “They never had any regard for ballet” (Photo: Disclosure/Band)

Former dancers from the program “Faustão na Band”, who were fired en masse last Thursday (22), commented on what was happening on their social networks. Luisa Caldione of the 17 professionals who left said what happened was no surprise:

“I thought dancers were given little or no credit, but they never had. There are people who change a whole life and in less than a month they send them away. But nothing new. As it has always been,” the dancer explained on her Instagram.

Luiza answered the question on her Instagram.  (Photo: Playback/Instagram @luizacaldi)

Luiza answered the question on her Instagram. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @luizacaldi)

mass layoffs

When he debuted on the channel about a year ago, the host had 30 ballet professionals and several layoffs were made during that time. “You have absolutely no idea what the dancers have been through this year. And the least a person needs to have to achieve anything in life is sanity and freedom,” added Luiza.

“For some I’m sad, I know they can’t imagine doing anything else, but ‘happy’ because I know everyone has to fly and they do it,” he said in praise of his colleagues. “They were my gifts this year and I will always be there for them. I have found friends that I will carry with me for life! I am grateful for these encounters.”

According to UOL columnist Lucas Pasin, ballet, which has always been a trademark of the presenter, will no longer be on the program. The absence of the dancers will help the attraction adjust to the program’s new budget. The value was defined in partnership between moderator and broadcaster.

In order to be more competitive with audiences in 2023, “Faustão na Band” will focus less on entertainment, which is its forte. The attraction will bring viewers hotter content with the involvement of journalism and services and should do so with the fewest possible number of people in the production.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a Faustão dancer. My life has always been dance, I started ballet at the age of four so the realization of being a part of it was immense,” the dancer wrote Bia Michellewho was also released.

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“This cycle is over [e], although I don’t understand why, I feel relieved. I’ve lived for this job this year, it took up 90% of my time and I know I can use that time to accomplish many things from now on!”

Nathalia RamosShe, who was in the ballet before the band change, also commented on the dismissal: “I am very grateful for everything I experienced in Faustão’s ballet, on both stations, in each phase with their experiences and insights. I arrived and left as a girl.” a strong woman! I’ve had moments of ups and downs, a lot of struggle and tiredness, but I’ve also had very happy moments,” he explained.

In front of Luiza Caldi and the other colleagues, also a former ballerina Hadassa Baptista was more positive about the dismissal: “Yes, that day has come, I flew out of the ballet this morning, actually the whole ballet flew. We’re still trying to understand, but we know God is in control!” he wrote in the farewell release.

“There were days when I learned a lot, a lot! We at ballet and the entire team work hard every day to deliver the best program for you! I am grateful to God for giving me this phase and for bringing me amazing people! Every laugh on this stage will stay with me forever. It was wonderful! Thank you,” he said.

ExFaustão Dancer Reveals Backstage After Mass Layoffs: “never Taken Into Account” Yahoo Life And Style – S Chronicles

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