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This year, Tom Cruise emerged as one of the biggest box office successes with an unexpectedly good sequel to his iconic 1986 action film Top Gun. Even though the actor turned 60 this year, Cruise is still leading the way in perfecting the Hollywood blockbuster formula.

Over the years, there have been several strange reports associated with Cruise, especially his long-term obsession with the Church of Scientology. According to the investigations published later, Cruise was an active advocate and attempted to convert other stars such as David Beckham and Steven Spielberg.

While Cruise’s interest in Scientology has been widely discussed, he has another bizarre obsession which is lesser known. As one of the biggest action stars in the world, Cruise cannot include a lot of sugar in his diet despite the fact that he loves sweet food. To cope with his love for sugar, he sends cakes to the casts and crews of his films.

“I love sugar, but I can’t eat it because when I’m training, I’m doing all these movies — so I send it to everyone,” Cruise admitted during an appearance on James Corden’s talk show. This is a tradition that the actor has maintained for several years which is why the White Chocolate Coconut Bundt Cake he sends is known as the “Cruise Cake”.

Cruise is not satisfied with just sending the cakes. According to the actor, he patiently waits for the feedback from the recipient of the cakes. While talking to Corden about his obsession with sending cakes, Cruise revealed that he actively looked forward to hearing praises of the cake. “I wait for the calls,” he said. “Like, tell me about it.”

Cruise has a go-to cake shop called Doan’s Bakery in California, from where he orders the Cruise cakes. In an interview, Eric Doan commented: “The funny thing is, we’ve been doing that cake for a quarter of a century. It’s just a unique cake that we dreamt up 25 years ago and we’ve always done it for different cafes, restaurants and caterers.”

The actor has a comprehensive list of his past co-stars which is how he manages to regularly send his colleagues these cakes even though years have passed since their last collaborations. The connection might not even be a direct one since documentarian Louis Theroux found 100 cupcakes from Cruise at his grandmother’s 100th birthday party after Cruise worked with Theroux’s cousin.

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Exploring Tom Cruise’s strange obsession with cakes

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