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THE COMPLAINT by Cinzia Capuano, a teacher originally from Ragusa who lives in Civitanova. Yesterday you should have arrived with 180 other passengers at 10.30 in Sicily, you arrived at 22.30 after a long bus journey from the Marches to the Veneto. The problem? The fog

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Going to Sicily to spend the holidays with the family starting from the Marche airport? Better to check the weather forecast, otherwise the risk is having to make a journey of more than 12 hours across half of Italy. And the surreal odyssey that was forced to face Cinzia Capuano, a teacher originally from Ragusa who has been living in Civitanova for some years. Yesterday he should have left with a Volotea flight at 8.50 from Raffaello Sanzio airport in Falconara to arrive in Catania at 10.30. She arrived in Sicily at 10.30pm after a long bus journey from Venice airport. And with her another 180 passengers.

cinzia capuano

Cynthia Capuano

«Yesterday morning – says Capuano – I arrived at the airport at 7.30. There was fog. I passed the necessary checks, the gate and arrived in the boarding area. Together with the other passengers they remained there until 9.30. We were waiting for a plane from Palermo which should have landed in Ancona. However, due to the fog the plane never arrived, it was directed to Pescara. They then explained to us that he would arrive from Pescara and take us to Catania. Otherwise, the company would have provided buses that would have taken us to Pescara. Neither the plane nor the coaches for the transfer ever arrived.” Hours go by, passengers are offered a 5 euro voucher for breakfast, but nothing changes. Everyone stays at the airport not knowing what to do.

«At 14.15 – continues Capuano – they warn us that three buses were arriving that would take us to Venice. Only two of us arrive by bus, we leave and arrive in Venice at 6pm. They left us at the airport, we were given another voucher for 20 euros for dinner, we handled all the paperwork and at 8 pm we got on the plane. Here we were advised that we had to wait for another 15 passengers. Finally we manage to take off. I arrived in Catania at 10.30 pm, 12 hours after the scheduled time. And once she arrived in Sicily, there were no longer any connections to Ragusa. I understand that there was fog and that the Ancona airport is not equipped, but passengers cannot be left like this, among other things there were families with children and the disabled. The biggest mistake was not getting the buses to Pescara immediately. In this way, the Marche airport can only lose companies and flights. Now I will see if there are terms for the refund, but I am certainly terrified of having to make the return journey again ».

Falconara-Catania by plane? An odyssey «We arrived 12 hours later from Venice airport»

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