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L’Artemio Franchi is the venue for at least one Six Nations rugby matchthe tournament which since 1883 has involved the national teams of France, Wales, England, Ireland, Italy and Scotland and which has always been held in the stadiums of the capitals of the six states. The proposal came directly from the mayor Dario Nardella which, after Italy’s historic victory over Australia in the autumn test match which was played on 12 November and which relaunched the Franchi as a venue for major events for the oval ball. «Since rugby is looking for a stable homewithout taking anything away from other cities, I think Florence could be the Coverciano of rugby. We want Florence said the mayor. you become the home of rugby. I have already proposed to the national president of the Federation to bring the Six Nations. Bringing the Six Nations to Florence would be a great thing, I relaunch this appeal and let’s bring at least one Six Nations match to Florence».

The Rugby Federation lets it be known that it was very satisfied with the reaction there was in Florence – as well as in Genoa – in the last matches played by the national team. There is the will to return to play at Artemio Franchi and to consider it for new international appointments. The collaboration with the Municipality and with the working group that helped the Federation in organizing the test match was very good: the crux, however, remains the regulationwhich provides for the Six Nations to be hosted by the capitals (only once did Wales and France move the venues of the matches for work in their respective stadiums). In short, a derogation would be needed. An answer that poses obstacles but at the same time leaves a small window open to the idea of ​​seeing Italrubgy play the most prestigious tournament ever at the Franchi.

November 22, 2022 | 3:29pm


Florence, Nardella’s proposal: “The 6 Nations here”, but you can’t

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