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FURIOUS shoppers have slammed Primark for “going too far” after a “sneaky” change.

Annoyed customers have taken to TikTok after being shocked at the recent increase in prices at what they feel used to be one of the UK’s most affordable shops.

TikToker Lisa was shocked at the way items were being priced in Primark

Furious shoppers including Lilly have slammed Primark for their price hikes[/caption]


Others were upset at the “sneaky” price raises[/caption]

Back in April, the fast fashion retailer announced that due to inflation it would have “no option” but to raise its prices for a selection of this season’s range. 

But some believe that Primark is now risking losing its low-cost reputation thanks to price hikes.

It comes as shoppers at the retailer were in uproar earlier this year over the store’s “sneaky” raising of prices.

Customers flocked to social media to share videos of themselves peeling off new stickers from some pieces of clothing in store, to reveal an older – and cheaper – price sticker underneath.

One concerned TikToker, posting under the username Lisa, explained how she picked two items out in Primark but was charged more than the label when she got to the till. 

In the video, Lisa said: “We’re just in Primark and I’ve bought a black leather look pair of shorts for £10 and some pyjamas for £12. At the till it came up as £12 for the shorts and £13 for the pyjamas. 

“If you notice in Primark that that they’ve ripped all the little tags off of everything, it’s because most items have had about a £2 increase.

“So make sure you check the prices when you get to the till because basically you’re paying more than what you should be.”

And another TikToker complained after being charged £44 for two pairs of trousers at the popular high-street shop.

In the video, Lilly Whitfield, 21, held up the items and said: “I’m sorry but since when did Primark become so expensive? 

“I walk in and see these trousers…I don’t even think about it I just grab the black and then also the beige colour as well.

“Tell me why when I get to the till, he says £44 please? £44 for two pairs of trousers from Primark? 

“I’m pretty sure back in 2015 those would have been about £5 each. This cost-of-living crisis man is just going too far.”

She said the shop has “missed the mark” as it was known for being affordable brand.

Speaking to MailOnline, Master’s student Lilly said: “Primark in the UK is known to be great for cheap clothes and things like that. I do feel like they’ve missed the mark because they had such a prevalent image of being affordable, and they made so much money.

“I remember when I was younger I would go into Primark and get my holiday shop. I’d go in and come out with a few bags for under £50.”

Meanwhile, comments on a third TikTok video discussing new festive items at the store show Primark shoppers up in arms about the cost of a Christmas vest top priced at £25. 

One person wrote: “That moment when you realise you can’t even afford Primark anymore.”

Another fuming shopper added: “What happened to Primark tops? I remember when they were £2.50.”

A Primark spokesperson said: “We are committed to offering the very best value on the high street, something we know is more important to our customers than ever.

“We announced in April that due to increases in costs, we would have no option but to increase prices across a selection of this season’s ranges. 

“Customers may have noticed this in the form of new price stickers. This is because some of our new stock had already left our suppliers’ factories when the decision was taken so these were updated in-store.”

Furious shoppers take on Primark for ‘sneaky’ change – slamming the high-street shop for ‘going too far’

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