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How can a person be so heartless?

On Christmas Eve in Hanover, an unsuspecting woman (84) wanted to go outside. When leaving the apartment, a stranger was waiting in the hallway and approached the old lady. The 84-year-old tried to get back to her apartment – ​​but the suspected attacker kicked her in the hip!

Then harrowing scenes play out. The elderly woman fell to the ground and remained lying. Completely ruthless, the stranger entered the apartment and disappeared from her victim’s field of vision. The suspected burglar then fled in an unknown direction.

Elderly star in the hospital

Thanks to the house emergency call, the injured 84-year-old was able to call the fire brigade. She was taken to a hospital in an ambulance and was treated there. One day after the burglary, the Hanover police announced the sad news: the elderly woman did not survive. She died in the hospital.

Now the police’s permanent criminal service is asking for witnesses. Who saw something suspicious on December 24 at around 12 noon in Berliner Allee (Hanover)? The suspect is about 1.70 meters tall, 30 to 40 years old and has medium blond, shoulder-length hair. She wore light-colored clothing and is of normal build.

Did you notice something? Call 0511 109-5555. Police have launched an investigation into the robbery that resulted in death.


Hanover: burglar kicked senior woman – lady (84) dead, perpetrator on the run | news

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