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THE grieving family of teenager Cion Carroll whose dismembered body was found in a shallow grave have slammed a “cover up” following his death.

Cion, 17, reportedly went missing on November 2 and 10 days later his remains were discovered in Lunenburg County, Virginia.


Cion Carroll’s body was discovered ten days after he reportedly went missing and his family are demanding answers[/caption]


Cion’s grieving mom, Tiffany Baker, says all she does is think about he son[/caption]

Since then, his family have been given few answers about who was responsible for his disappearance and death.

Cion’s grandfather Junius Carter said: “I just can’t figure out why they’ve had no suspects, and they haven’t reached out to give us an update.

“We need some answers.”

Tiffany Baker, Cion’s mom, said the teen was sent to live in Kenbridge in Lunenburg County to escape the violence in Richmond but added she would never expect he would become a murder victim.

She said: “My soul is just gone.

“I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I just lay there and think about my son.”

Tiffany said the family feels as if they’ve been purposefully left in the dark.

“I just wanted something different for him. I just wanted him to have a better life to pursue his dreams,” she said. “This is not it.”

According to Cion’s family, he was last seen at his grandmother’s home on November 2, when he suddenly went missing.

Tiffany said they immediately contacted the Kenbridge Police Department.

“I notified them on the second day that my son had to be in danger,” Tiffany said. “They gave me different scenarios on what probably happened, but me as his mother, I knew that those scenarios weren’t true.”

Junius said his family looked all over Kenbrdige for more than 10 days.

At the time, he said the only lead they had to go on was that Cion’s iPhone pinged his last location at a home off Poor House Road in Lunenburg County.

Tiffany claims the police did not search that property.

She said: “Nothing was done about that. No search warrant, no anything.

“They actually made us leave from off of the property.”

The family’s worst fears were then confirmed on November 12.

State Police announced that the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond identified the remains recovered from a shallow grave on November 11 as Cion’s.

According to the cops, the remains were discovered on a property in the 200 block of Seay Way in the country, not far from the home off Poor House Road, the last known location of the youth’s phone.

Police have confirmed they are treating Cion’s death as a  homicide.

But it was mid-December when Tiffany said she learned about her son’s gruesome death after she called the Richmond Medical Examiner’s Office.

Tiffany said: “He had two gunshot wounds, one to his head and one to his back which hit his spine.

“He was then dismembered, and lye was poured on him along with cement, and then he was buried.”

However, since then the family say they have received few updates from the Kenbridge Police Department.

“They didn’t have to do that to him. Nobody deserves that,” Carter said. “And he was a kid, He was a kid! and it hurts.”

The US Sun has contacted the Kenbridge Police Department for a comment.

“It was basically like my son’s life was in their hands, and they played with it,” Tiffany said. “It’s been too long with no answers, not even a suspect, nothing.”

The family said their fears will grow unless someone comes forward with information that could lead to an arrest.

“It’s going to happen to some other kid because they think they can get away with it,” Carter said. “But I’m going to say is this. We ain’t going to give up, you ain’t going to sweep this under the rug, so if you know something, say something. Please.”

State Police said their investigation remains active and officers are actively pursuing several leads.


The family feel as if they have been left in the dark over Cion’s murder[/caption]


Cion was found buried in a shallow grave[/caption]

Heartbroken family of Cion Carroll, 17, who was found dismembered in shallow grave slam ‘cover-up’ after gruesome death

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