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Christopher Radko may be the Kris Kringle of high-end Christmas ornaments, and after a 10-year absence, his exquisitely handcrafted glass ornaments are back.

Its HeARTfully Yours catalog has 250 pieces: seahorses and nesting birds, golden butterflies and ornate frogs and nativity scenes in a globe, among others.

Christmas decorations from HeARTfully Yours include December 24, a classic and stylish Santa Claus holding a golden teddy bear and a shiny green bag of toys and presents and a slender nutcracker standing on a ball.

For Radko, who identifies as gay, Christmas decorations are his favorite.

“I live and breathe Christmas,” Radko told the Westchester, New York Journal News. “It’s my passion. I’m connected. I’m the guy who gets the direct channel to the North Pole.

The Christopher Radko Ornament Company was originally his business. In 2007, two years after the company was sold, Radko left.

His severance package included a 10-year non-compete clause, meaning Radko had to stay out of the Christmas decorations business.

This clause expired in August 2021, when Radko began planning its return of glass decorations with HeARTfully Yours ornaments.

In 1984, Radko decorated his family’s 14-foot Christmas tree with his family’s heirloom of 2,000 exquisite mouth-blown European glass ornaments; however, the weight of the tree caused it to crash to the ground.

Unable to find replacement ornaments, Radko started his own ornament business and sourced the ornaments from Polish artisans he met while traveling.

Radko launched his eponymous company in 1986.

Katharine Hepburn, Whoopi Goldberg, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Andy Warhol, Elton John and Bruce Springsteen were among his first customers of his mouth-blown glass ornaments.

Radko was asked to decorate the residence of Vice President Al Gore.

In 1997, the sales of the Radko company amounted to 50 million dollars.


Heartfully Yours Christopher Radko is Christmas Decorations’ Kris Kringle E! News UK

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