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The series always attract more movie stars. Like many actors before her, Natalie Portman gave in to the sirens of a platform, in this case Apple TV +. The star, discovered in Leon by Luc Besson and recently featured in Thor 4 by Taika Waititi, has agreed to play the title role of the mini-series Lady in the Lake adapted from an eponymous novel by Laure Lippman. She thus plays Maddie Schwartz, a mother who embarks on investigative journalism after an unsolved murder. She crosses paths with Cleo Sherwood (Moses Ingram), an African-American who fights for black rights in the city.

But not everything is going as planned on the shoot, which started last April. The production was indeed forced to suspend work last Friday after receiving disturbing death threats. According to the Baltimore police quoted by variety, a handful of townspeople reportedly contacted the producers as filming moved to the center of town. “ The group threatened to return in the evening to shoot someone if the filming did not stop “, write our colleagues.

The blackmailers also reportedly demanded $50,000 to let filming continue undamaged. Not wanting to make the actors and technicians of this series expected in 2023 on Apple TV + take risks, the producers therefore suspended filming while finding a new place that could accommodate them. ” It is not yet known if production has resumed since the incident. “, specified Variety.

If the representatives of the platform did not respond to requests from the site to comment on this affair, a figure of the small American screen came out of silence to defend the inhabitants of Baltimore. ” We shot 200 hours of series over 20 years. (…) There have always been some loudmouths making noise but there are always people on the team – from security or from the Baltimore police – trained to respond firmly but respectfully. Baltimore people are good “, reacted on Twitter David Simon, the creator of the cult series TheWire (Bugged en VF) which shot in Baltimore between 2002 and 2008.

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his filming suspended after serious death threats – OI Canadian

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