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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — With 2023 quickly approaching, many Wichitans are heading into 2023 with resolutions to live a healthier life, and what better way to get a jump on that resolution than by starting in the gym?

Tara Pouche, General Manager of Crush NTX, said there is usually a significant increase in gym goers, but wants to remind those out there with healthy resolutions, that making your list is the easy part, she said it’s sticking with your resolution which really matters.

Some want to quit smoking, others pledge to stop drinking, and others want to manage money better, but it’s no surprise that getting healthier is at the top of the list when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.

“People are always wanting to make a change for the new year so fitness is always kind of a go-to for people to want to change so we definitely want to help people change not just because it’s a new year we want to help their overall lifestyle,” Poche said.

Poche said a common trend seen around the beginning of the year is folks slowly slipping away from their resolution to live healthier.

“Get a coach, a coach will help keep you accountable a coach is going to help you do things right for your body, for your schedule, for your lifestyle so a coach is a must,” Poche said.

Poche said although you can start in the gym, a healthy lifestyle goes way beyond that.

“It’s not just coming into the gym and checking that box, it’s a lifestyle outside of the gym as well as far as nutrition and what you’re putting into your body as well, habits you have outside of the gym and being able to find a way to stay active not just here because you can’t always come to the gym,” Poche said.

It’s a task that won’t always come easy, but Poche said in the long run it’s worth it, so don’t be afraid to take that leap into 2023.

Poche said they offer several different classes and services. For more information on how you can get a membership, click here.

How to have a happier, healthier New Year

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