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Not just former MEP Antonio Panzeri and his assistant Francesco Giorgi. For the Belgian investigators from Qatargate, the respective families would also be involved in the scandal, which has already led to the confiscation of over 1.5 million euros. If the alleged involvement of Maria Dolores Colleoni and Silvia Panzeri – respectively wife and daughter of the politician from the DE area – is now known and the extradition of the two to Belgium by the court in Brescia is expected today and tomorrow, the spotlight is on the 35-year-old Movements are spreading in these last few hours .

Qatargate, a network of French and Belgians, are Morocco’s other friends

In fact, the examining magistrate Michel Claise asked the Italian authorities to extend the checks to Francesco’s parents as well. Namely to monitor the financial activities of Luciano Giorgi, 65 years old from Abbiategrasso (where both are residents), and Iole Valli, 69 years old, originally from Rho. As Verità reports, under the magnifying glass of the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, “the acquisition of financial assets in Belgium in the name of Francesco Giorgi” would have been terminated. Apparently, the involvement is yet to be proven, but the parliamentary assistant’s acquisition of a building in the Belgian capital is under investigation. Purchase which investigators believe would be linked to some money transfers from father Luciano and mother Iole’s accounts.

In the finder, apart from a higher number of transactions, there are three transfers dating back to a few months ago: two over 40,000 euros, accounted for in separate accounts in the name of the two spouses, and another over 10,000 euros. Suspicious transactions for Claise, who then requested the search of Abbiategrasso di Giorgi’s residence and all other of his “actual residences” and “proceeds with the hearing as a suspect of the person who has the use of the premises, or his father and mother, Luciano Giorgi and Iole Valli». So much so that the men from the Guardia di Finanza confiscated 20,000 euros in cash and other documents from the house last Tuesday, which are now being transferred to Brussels.

Not only. Always after the truth Brussels is also working on another suspicious lead around Giorgi. Specifically, we look at some corporate moves the 35-year-old orchestrated alongside already-identified Panzeri accountant Monica Rossana Bellini. The notice relates to the creation of a company, Equality Consultancy, on behalf of father Luciano (owner of 70%), younger brother Stefano (25%) and Bellini (5%) in 2018, a few months before the European vote. A company that, without the role of pharmaceutical informant of the 65-year-old and the role of trainee in a car rental company of the young man, would have dealt with “the development of networks between different subjects, NGOs, business associations and colleagues in third countries to promote dialogue and to facilitate the opportunities that enable stronger economic and cultural ties within the EU and its Member States”. Shortly before the end of the first year with a balance sheet total of 102,500 euros, the two Giorgis leave the company in the hands of Luciano’s long-standing shareholders, an unspecified Manfred Forte and Bellini himself (40%, 40% and 20% respectively). At that point, the company will have a short life, going into liquidation after a second year with a loss of 51,000 euros and no longer existing today. It is curious that the change of ownership coincides with the fact that Panzeri – no longer elected to the European Parliament – ​​is founding his NGO Fight Impunity in Brussels, with Francesco Giogrgi as its “senior advisor”.


Im Looking For The Acquisition Of A Building In Brussels – S Chronicles

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