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Prague, December 8, 2022 – Today and tomorrow, the twenty-seven chief directors responsible for the field of education within the European Union are meeting in Prague. The topics of one of the last meetings of the Czech Presidency in the field of education are, for example, the method of evaluation and its impact on the effectiveness of education, the possibility of increasing the attractiveness of the teaching profession or the social dimension of the use of digital technologies. As part of the meeting, the European Commission will also present planned initiatives for 2023.

The two-day meeting, in which all EU member states, EFTA states and Switzerland participate, is divided into three parts. In the first block, participants will be introduced to the key document for the development of the educational system of the Czech Republic in the decade 2020–2030+ – se Education policy strategy of the Czech Republic until 2030+.
The European Commission will then follow up with a presentation of strategic initiatives for 2023.

The meeting will present such EU Council recommendations on factors enabling successful digital education and improving the provision of digital skills in education and training, Council conclusions on promoting well-being in digital educationand also recommendations Advice on mobility in education.

“The mobility framework in education was the last time approved in 2011. But another generation has changed since then. Traveling abroad is a matter of course, as is, for example, regular studies at university. If we want mobility to become a matter of course in regional education and vocational training, we must find out what young people born after 2005 actually want. What motivates them to be mobile? How do their expectations differ from the generation born 20 years ago? I believe that the European Commission will create such analytical documents for the new mobility framework, which will lead to greater motivation for pupils and teachers to go abroad. Because only stupid Honzos will stay behind the stove,” said the deputy of the international relations, EU and ESIF section at the Ministry of Education and Culture on the subject of the mobility of young people Václav Velčovský.

Deputy of the International Relations, EU and ESIF Section Václav Velčovský at a meeting to make school education more efficient.

The second part of the meeting will be practically focused – participants will have the opportunity to discuss 3 current topics from the field of school education. The first is focused on methods and forms of evaluation and its impact on the effectiveness of education and the benefit of pupils.

“An appropriate form of feedback can not only affect the results of individual students, but can also make the flow of teaching more efficient within the whole class. The form of feedback also has a significant impact on student motivation and self-confidence. Currently, a lot of attention is paid to the formative, but what is important is the combination of different approaches and assessment tools so that the whole range of abilities and prerequisites of the pupil is taken into account. Enabling pupils to achieve the best possible educational results thanks to their natural motivation is what we are all about.” said the director of the EU Department at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports on the topic of evaluation Martin Invoice.

Another topic of the workshop is the attractiveness of the teaching profession and the development of teacher competencies necessary for education in the 21st century. Teachers and other teaching and non-teaching staff are key to education and it is important to support them and address several important challenges facing the profession. Most countries are already facing a shortage of teachers, with around a third of them due to retire in the next decade, and this shortage is likely to worsen. It is therefore essential to find a solution to make the teaching profession as attractive as possible, including the strengthening and development of teachers’ competencies.


Meeting of the chief directors of the twenty-seventh within the European for the field of education in the Union.

The topic of the third workshop is the social dimension of the use of digital technologies. Although these technologies offer faster and more efficient communication with peers from all over the world or bring opportunities for individualization of education, on the other hand, in the time of covid measures, it has been shown that children’s inappropriate use of digital technologies can also lead to social isolation or discouragement. TO the topic of digital well-being Martin Fatura, director of the EU Department at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, also presented himself at a conference on this topic last week. At the end of the first day, present your priority for the upcoming Swedish Presidency.

On the second day, they attend a meeting of participants in the surroundings of Prague, in order to get involved in elementary school further with some examples and they can possibly be part of their children’s school education. The aim of the meeting is to share the results achieved, current information on the measures taken at the national level, and the examples of good practice just mentioned.

In Prague today, it is about streamlining school education, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Czech Republic

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