In this article, you will get all information regarding Indre-et-Loire. 60-year-old dies of heart attack after being turned away from emergency room

The drama, revealed by La Nouvelle République, occurred on the evening of December 25. A sexagenarian is in her house in Fondettes, near Tours (Indre-et-Loire), when she has difficulty breathing. Her husband immediately transports her to the emergency room of the Alliance clinic in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, not far from their home.

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But the emergency doctors refuse entry to the couple because the services are saturated, as is currently the case in many health establishments, a consequence of the triple epidemic of respiratory viruses.

For the sexagenarian to be taken care of, you must contact 15 (as required by the procedure) or go to the emergency room of the CHRU Trousseau de Tours. The couple then returns home and calls the Samu. A fire ambulance is on the way but the husband calls again on the 15th shortly after because the situation is getting worse: his partner is in cardiac arrest. Arrived on the spot, the firefighters are unable to resuscitate the sexagenarian, who dies shortly after midnight.

According to France Bleu Touraine, a judicial inquiry has been opened to find the causes of death. No complaint has yet been filed. The Regional Health Agency (ARS) is also carrying out investigations.


Indre-et-Loire. 60-year-old dies of heart attack after being turned away from emergency room

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