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McMafia Star James Norton is unrecognizable as the sinister British con man and con man Robert Freegard rogue agent.

The highly anticipated film starring Norton opposite The king’s man Star Gemma Arterton hits theaters today (Friday 12 August) and is also available to stream on AMC+ in the US and Netflix in the UK

Described as a “cat and mouse” story between two lovers, the film follows a woman’s determination to catch a man who is hiding a dark and dangerous secret, and she knows she is not the only victim.

After watching rogue agentYou might be shocked to learn that it’s based on a true story.

Speak with news weekStar and producer Norton described the true story as “stranger than fiction.”

Researching Freegard’s story with his production team, Norton said he realized it was “the most extraordinary, most bizarre true story, that’s a stranger than fiction type thing.”

Freegard is a convicted British con man and con man, also known by the aliases David Hendy and David Clifton. Much of the film’s script is based on the article “Chasing Agent Freegard” by Michael Bronner, who later served as co-author rogue agent.

When Norton discussed bringing Freegard’s story to the big screen, Norton reflected, “You have to be educated, you have to be informed. So in the end I knew so much about Freegard. We also had Michael Bronner’s original article, which is like this 11,000 word piece, but never actually published. [It’s] incredibly thorough and all backed up and verified by the original victims. So we had a wealth of information.

“In terms of delving into the kind of private inner life his man has, you kind of have to deal with the why, the context of why this man is the way he is. And a lot of that comes from his childhood and what information we have about it. We didn’t really want to make the film about that. We really wanted to allow the audience to speculate as to why he could be the way he is. But for us as a filmmaker and storyteller, and me as an actor, we had a sense of who he was: the psychological struggles, illnesses, whether you want to call it that, that he was dealing with could never be tolerated. It was just an awesome challenging mystery puzzle to solve.

Robert Freegard today Sandra Clifton
James Norton said: “You have to be educated, you have to be informed and by the end I knew so much about Freegard.” Above, Robert Hendy-Freegard poses outside Blackfriars Crown Court in after his conviction on kidnapping and deception charges on June 23, 2005 London.
The Metropolitan Police via Getty Images

For years, the real Freegard posed as an MI5 agent and lured his victims while working under the guise of a car salesman or bartender. It mainly targets women, but some men have also been victims. In most cases, victims were forced to hand over all their money, and sometimes their families, to Freegard on the pretext that their families were threatened by the IRA.

Norton considered portraying Freegard news week: “The role is so compelling to me, it’s so mysterious, and I’ve never seen or met anyone like him. There has never been a case of someone being kidnapped for fraud. It just seems bizarre that this man has kidnapped people for 10 years without ever restraining them, all through fear and manipulation. It was just so bizarre and compelling.

rogue agent Set primarily in the early 2000s, it focuses on Norton’s relationship with Alice Archer, a high-profile lawyer who falls in love with Freegard, who claims to be an MI5 agent and poses as a car salesman.

Although Archer received some suspicious details about Freegard from a private investigator she hired, she only realized she had fallen under his spell when he stole thousands of pounds from her home and was nowhere to be found.

james norton gemma
James Norton and Gemma Arterton in Rogue Agent.

The character of Alice Archer, played by Arterton, is not a real person, but is heavily inspired by the real woman who brought Freegard to court.

Adam Patterson, director and co-writer of rogue agentexplained, “We thought the character of Alice Archer was perfect and a representation of what a lot of these people went through. And then of course there is the character of Sophie, who has a very different path in the film. She’s been below his belt for about 10 years. As such, we felt that these two characters in particular represented, and hopefully do justice to, many of the other victims.

Bronner has met with numerous victims of Freegard in real life. Referring to the woman who inspired the character of Alice, Bronner said, “The woman who inspired Alice Archer’s character was the most intriguing to me because she was so smart, but then she had this weakness, and she had this need for a thrill and she saw it as a challenge and I think he saw it as a challenge. It really was a cat and mouse.

“She kind of fought, in the end she fought the fight for them all [the victims]. She’s the one who made the decision, she told me straight out. She said: “It was hard for me because I was very involved with him. But I wanted to fuck him.’ It’s those two things that she went back and forth and back and forth.

“She would make profits examining him and then she would sleep with him again and then jump back the other way. She described it as being in a washing machine going 100 miles an hour. So she was kind of the one that really made me realize that this isn’t just a good magazine story, it’s potentially a movie.”

rogue agent Also throwback to the 1990s when Freegard convinced three Harper Adams Agricultural College students, John Atkinson, Sarah Smith and Maria Hendy, that he was an undercover agent for MI5 investigating an IRA cell in the college.

After gaining their trust, he convinced the trio that his cover had been blown and that their lives and families were at risk from the IRA as a result. Under the guise of protection, he managed to take all their money from them.

Robert Freegard James Norton
James Norton as Robert Freegard in Rogue Agent.

in the rogue agenttheir names are changed to Sophie (Marisa Abela), Mae (Freya Mavor), and Phil (Julian Barratt), with Mae and Sophie’s story taking on a larger role and overlapping with Archer’s in the 2000s.

In reality, Atkinson eventually saw through Freegard’s lies, but Hendy had two children with Freegard, and Smith stayed with him on the run for 10 years. Smith’s ordeal ended with Freegard’s arrest in 2002.

in the rogue agent, Freegard was arrested thanks to the work of Archer, Sophie, and Special Agent Sandy Harland (Edwina Finley).

In reality, Freegard was arrested after months of surveillance along with the help of his American girlfriend Kim Adams’ parents, who worked with the FBI and Scotland Yard to ensure his arrest at Heathrow Airport.

Freegard was arrested in 2002 and found guilty of two kidnappings, ten of theft and eight of deception. He denied all charges against him and was sentenced to life imprisonment on September 6, 2005.

As seen in… rogue agent, Freegard was released from prison in 2009. His original two life sentences for fraud were overturned by the Court of Appeal, which ruled that Freegard’s victims had not been physically held against their will.

Today his whereabouts are unknown but as can be seen at the end rogue agentIt is believed that there are many more victims of Freegard.

Reflecting on Freegard’s whereabouts today, Norton said: “I am deeply saddened that someone of this nature is able to be in the world and continue to cause so much damage and in such insidious ways because he is always just on the right side is side of the law, you know, he doesn’t, he doesn’t go out and beat up people. Well he does, but he’s not openly breaking the law. So he can get away with it. And yet the pain is caused, and it’s awful to watch.

“So I think it’s the sad fact that he’s still out there. And, you know, how many of these shows are about scammers, I hope [Rogue Agent] makes their life a little less peaceful.”

rogue agent is in theaters now and streaming on AMC+ and Netflix. Inside the True Story of Rogue Agent – Stranger Than Fiction

Inside the True Story of Rogue Agent – Stranger Than Fiction – World Time Todays

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