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14 October 2022

Iosco Road Bridge reopens to traffic

Jessica Matthews / [email protected]

A Livingston County bridge that has been closed for construction has reopened to traffic sooner than expected.

The Iosco Road bridge on the western branch of the Red Cedar River Drain, built in 1948, was in critical condition prior to reconstruction, which began on 15 August. The bridge’s superstructure was replaced and the sub-structure was slightly widened with repair and approach work. It was reopened for traffic on Monday, four days ahead of schedule.

The bridge is part of the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Bridge Bundling Pilot Project, which continues to be closed upon completion.

Mason and Iosco roads in Livingston County were the two structures involved in the bridge bundling program. Iosco Road, while not as heavily traveled as Mason Road, is an important connector for many areas of the county.

Steve Wasilk, managing director of the Livingston County Road Commission, said the Iosco Road Bridge, which was included in the bridge bundling pilot, had no impact on his budget to be able to fix the bridge.

This year the Bridge Bundling Pilot Project, the first of its kind in Michigan, is repairing 19 bridges in critical or critical condition that are owned by local agencies. Each bridge will have its own superstructure replaced, including the complete removal and replacement of the bridge deck and supporting beams.

All bridges included in the bridge bundling pilot project were to be completed within 60 or 90 days from the start of repairs.

Sixteen local agency bridge bundling projects are now largely finished, with three others in progress. The final of the bundled bridges is targeted for completion by November 20.
The pilot project is funded by Federal Highway Improvement Program (HIP) dollars. MDOT bridge staff and consultants performing preliminary design and construction administration work for the bridge bundling program.

An online dashboard at provides project updates and shows percentage completion, detour route and other information for each project.

Iosco Road Bridge reopens to traffic

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