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Throughout Pawn Stars’ entire run, Austin “Chumlee” Russell has been the main source of humor relief and a genuine smile.

The longtime employee at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas has made a name for himself on the History Channel show that made him famous.

Even though many people are familiar with Chumlee from his lovable antics on the show, few people know his true relationship to the Harrison family, who own and run the shop.

So, is Chumlee related to Rick Harrison, the pawn shop’s owner? This is how their relationship progressed in more detail in this article.

How Is Chumlee Related To Rick Harrison?

Chumlee is closest to one of Rick’s children, even though he isn’t quite one. Chumlee, who has known Corey Harrison, a co-star on the show and their genuine son of Rick, for his whole childhood, frequently visits the pawnshop.

Rick allowed him to work behind the shop counter when he was old enough.

It’s understandable why some fans might think Chumlee is a Harrison, but that isn’t the case, whether because of how comfortable they are with one another, the frequent practical jokes, or how he behaves as a team member.

Despite numerous attempts over the years to provoke Rick, the business owner has never had the guts to fire Chumlee.

The charming counter employee began his job at the pawnshop when he was only 21. Five years after Pawn Stars’ first season was recorded, Chumlee quickly gained popularity.

Pawn Stars Cast Family- Where Are They?

Pawn Stars’ television program chronicles the routine business activities at the Las Vegas Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. The segments are scheduled ahead of time even though they are not written so that the vendor and the experts can attend.

In the first episode of the 2009 series, a steady stream of viewers tried to sell their possessions. As a result, pawn Stars, the History Channel’s highest-rated program ever, became one of the most watched reality TV shows in history very soon.

1. Rick Harrison 

Rick Harrison dropped out of school in the tenth grade because he could support himself by selling fake Gucci handbags. His father gave him the nickname “The Spotter” because he had a strong eye for a good deal and always lived to make a profit.

Rick is a superb negotiator. Therefore, he rarely makes the first offer. Instead, in reaction to most sellers’ asking prices, he chuckles and cracks jokes. Due to the success of his reality TV career and the family business, he amassed a sizable fortune.

He receives a total of $15,000 for each show. In addition, his net worth is $9 million.

2. Corey Harrison

Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, who aims to become “Big Boss eventually,” is in charge of running the shop daily. In 2009, he chased a noisy customer from the store using a gun.

The incident received considerable attention and attracted the attention of HBO due to the YouTube video. Big Hoss gained the nickname “Big Hoss” because he was over 400 pounds when the show began, but he changed his lifestyle after learning that he was pre-diabetic.

After having weight-loss surgery, Corey dropped close to 200 pounds. He inspired Chumlee, an old friend, to shed almost 100 pounds.

3. Chumlee

Austin Lee Russell is Corey’s close friend. He allegedly works in the store, inspecting merchandise and issuing receipts.

When Chum was twelve years old, the father of a buddy told Chum that Chum resembled Chumley, a walrus sidekick from the animated kids’ show Tennessee Tuxedo.

The comparison persisted, and Chum was introduced. But, of course, Chumlee’s stupidity and laziness are made fun of in every episode, with the Old Man saying, “Most of the time, Chumlee is couple of fries shy of a happy meal.”

Whenever they wish to conduct a dangerous experiment, the team utilizes him as a test subject. Although Chumlee wasn’t originally intended to be a key character, the show’s creators insisted that he appear in every episode because they adored him.

4. Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr. 

Corey and Chumlee frequently used Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr. as a sounding board. He rarely stood up from his desk to close his eyes, only moving when he was in the mood. However, when Rick asked him to look at a rare object, The Old Man lit up like a child on Christmas morning.

He hadn’t had a sick day since 1994, and he was the first one in the shop every day. On June 25th, 2018, Richard Harrison, who was 77 years old, sadly passed away. His son Rick confirmed his father’s passing on Instagram.

Under a trendy photo, the younger Harrison wrote, “The Old Man.” “Richard Benjamin “The Old Man” Harrison passed away this morning surrounded by his loved ones. He will be sorely missed by our family, the staff at Gold & Silver Pawn, as well as his countless fans all over the world.”

5. Olivia Black

Olivia made an appearance in the sixth season of the program. The charming lady joined the crew for the night shift. Her inclusion in the reality show was a welcome change considering that most of the ensemble was male.

Following Chumlee as the show’s second breakout star, Olivia, who Chumlee mentored, won the audience’s hearts. One of the Pawn Stars stars viewers regularly mention Olivia Black.

She admitted that the position was not exactly her dream job. She didn’t anticipate appearing on television. However, she rapidly became well-known on the show despite the surprise.

6. Danny Koker

Danny Koker earned popularity after his reality TV series Counting Cars became one of the History Channel’s top hits. Fans couldn’t get enough of watching him restore or customize automobiles every week, then sell them with the help of his staff for a nice profit.

The show highlighted the daily activities of his employees at Count’s Kustoms, his auto restoration company. It helped establish them as one of the top high-end automotive and helicopter customization groups.

He served as an expert on cars and motorbikes on the television show Pawn Stars and its spinoff, American Restoration.

He increased his holdings in and around Sin City by opening a restaurant, a tattoo shop, and an online store. He was quite business-savvy.

Chumlee and Rick Harrison’s Net Worth Compared

An American reality television star, business owner, and pawnshop team member named Austin Chumlee Russell has a $5 million net worth. His main source of fame is the History Channel series “Pawn Stars,” in which Austin Chumlee Russell appeared.

In February 2019, Chumlee sold his Las Vegas home for $1.375 million. Five miles from the Las Vegas Strip, the two-acre property contains a guesthouse, a 6,200-square-foot home, and an entertainer’s garden with a swimming pool surrounded by rocks.

There was also the “Chum Chum Room,” which had a pole for a stripper. He invested $1.1 million in the party house in 2012.

While American businessman and reality television star Rick Harrison has a $9 million net worth, Rick Harrison is a member of Harrison’s family and owns the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Harrison family became well-known because of the reality television series “Pawn Stars,” which documents the mayhem and antics at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

Harrison listed his Red Rock Country Club residence in Summerlin, Las Vegas, for $3.99 million in 2019. Construction on the 8,845-square-foot house began in 2001.

He bought the house in 2016 and spent about $600,000 on repairs. Granite was cut into planks, washed in acid, and laid out like a hardwood floor in the formal sitting room for $45,000. There are two bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs in residence. Additionally, the home has a gym that may be used as a bedroom.

The mansion has seven bathrooms in addition to a 12-seat home cinema with a 150-inch screen and a curtain. A cellar can hold more than 1,000 wine bottles.

Is Chumlee Related To Rick Harrison? About Pawn Stars Cast Family | Stardom Facts

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