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It is not new to anyone that the plot of 21h, ‘Crossing’, written by Gloria Perez, did not have the expected effect. But it’s not just the result of the telenovela that the author doesn’t like… The main actors, for example, don’t quite match Gloria’s ideas for her telenovela, above all the protagonist Otto, played by actor Romulo Estrela.

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Globo productions suffered a cast change that year, and “Travessia” was part of the storyline that suffered. That’s because it was natural for Romulo Estrela to play Zé Paulino in Mar do Sertão instead of bringing the couple Brisa (Lucy Alves) to life. However, he switched soap operas at the last minute. What Gloria Perez actually wanted in the role of Otto was the actor Rafael Cardoso.

The heartthrob, who recently extended his contract with the network until 2025, was almost taken for granted in the cast of Travessia too, but ended up in the cast of ‘Cara e Coragem’ and passed thanks to the notsopositive results of the storyline , which was not commented on by the public and did not go down well with the audience. In Mar do Sertão, Sérgio Guize took over the role that would have been Romulo at the last second.

Luckily for Gloria Perez and her soap opera, Romulo Estrela brought a lot of joy to the audience with his character and played many love scenes with the protagonist. Even with the ups and downs of the soap opera and some of the cast being heavily disapproved of by the public, this issue is a far cry from the lead couple’s managed to garner some viewer approval.

It Started Wrong! Gloria Perez Wanted Another Protagonist For “Travessia” – S Chronicles

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