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This year’s host of the Golden Globe Awards is comedian and actor Jerrod Carmichael—a fitting choice after the year he had in 2022, which included directing a feature film, releasing a praised comedy special, winning an Emmy, and hosting SNL. His career is only getting started, and he’s certainly on his way to becoming a household name. In anticipation of the award show, we ranked Jerrod Carmichael’s best roles from worst to best.

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5. Jimmy – ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ (2017)

Transformers: The Last Knight Jerrod Carmichael
Image via Paramount Pictures

Carmichael provides much-needed comic relief in the fifth installment of the Transformers franchise. His character, Jimmy, gets unknowingly dragged along into the action by Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg). In an interview with Collider back in 2017, Carmichael discussed what it was like working with Michael Bay and filmmaking on that massive scale. His role was small, but he got to work alongside actors like Anthony Hopkins and Stanley Tucci, so that’s a win. Suffice it to say, action franchises were not his forte, as he hasn’t been in one since.


4. Garfield – ‘Neighbors’ (2014) & ‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising’ (2017)

Neighbors Zac Efron Dave Franco Christopher Mintz-Plasse Jerrod Carmichael
Image via Universal Pictures

In a role better suited for him, Carmichael plays the devoted frat member Garfield in the Seth Rogen-starring comedy movies Neighbors and Neighbors 2. He’s part of the brotherhood led by Zac Efron and Dave Franco that seeks revenge on the new next-door family. His most memorable scene is with Hannibal Buress, who plays a neighborhood cop, who messes with the high Garfield by asking him to “Do some cat stuff real quick.” He proceeds to purr, lick his hand, and say, “I hate Mondays!” Garf returns in the sequel, and is working as a rookie cop alongside Buress. Carmichael’s brief appearances in both films are unforgettable as he adds a hilarious edge to the ensemble.

3. Freddy – ‘The Meddler’ (2015)

The Meddler Susan Sarandon Jerrod Carmichael
Image via Sony Pictures Releasing

Jerrod reunites with his Neighbors co-star Rose Byrne in this dramedy about a complicated mother-daughter relationship. Carmichael plays Freddy or ‘Fredo,’ an Apple Store employee that is befriended by the lonely Marnie (Susan Sarandon). She’s able to share her motherly wisdom with him that encourages him to go to college. Fredo plays an important role in the character transformation of Marnie and acts as a proxy son to her when Lori (Byrne) wants nothing to do with her. The Meddler is a sweet movie, and Carmichael plays a sweet role, proving he can work in any genre.

2. Val – ‘On the Count of Three’ (2022)

Image via United Artists

All of Carmichael’s previous feats in the industry led him to his directorial debut with On the Count of Three, which he also stars in. It’s a daring blend of the darkest kind of drama with the most biting kind of comedy. Carmichael’s character Val has just broken his best friend Kevin (Christopher Abbott) out of a psychiatric facility with the hopes of forming a suicide pact. Even though both men are far beyond rock bottom, they can’t pull the trigger yet and decide to spend one last day on Earth accomplishing everything they couldn’t. Watching two death-obsessed cynics for ninety minutes sounds grim, but the more you get to know the characters, the more heart-warming it is. The film is an emotional triumph that shows Carmichael is just as talented as a director as he is on-screen.

1. Himself – ‘The Carmichael Show’ (2015-2017) & ‘Rothaniel’ (2022)

Image via HBO

Despite writing a whole list detailing how Jerrod Carmichael is an exciting young actor, his best role to date is the one of himself. As a young stand-up, he accomplished what most wait decades for by having his own sitcom. The version of himself in The Carmichael Show was the perfect character to lead a Seinfeld-like series about comedy and family dynamics. The show ended in 2017, which allowed Carmichael to move on to more creative endeavors.

In 2022, he released his third stand-up special, Rothaniel. Directed by his close friend Bo Burnham, the special showed Carmichael in a deeply personal and vulnerable light. While delivering the best set of his comedic career, Carmichael broke new ground by coming out as gay in front of a live audience and HBO cameras. The news was so elegantly intertwined with the rest of his set that it played like an intrinsic maze of self-realization. He sat atop his stool, shining in a silky red button-up, never more exposed, and gave the most important performance of his life.

Jerrod Carmichael’s Best Performances Ranked – United States KNews.MEDIA

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