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With most of her career spent playing the role of Penny on the sets of The Big Bang Theory, actress Kaley Cuoco had charmed comic book geeks and nerds on the show for over a decade. Taking the television industry by storm, the comedy series mainly focused on the lives of a few scientists who navigate the world of love and relationships while being complete amateurs in the field, Cuoco had been a big part of the show from start to finish. .

Kaley Cuoco as Penny in The Big Bang Theory

And after the series ended in 2019, she was considered one of the most desired actresses, both by fans of the series and people in the industry. Of the many people who liked the star, one, in particular, was interested in unseating her, and that was none other than The Man Of Steel Henry Cavill himself. During an interview with The wedding bell The star was embarrassed to talk about their time together as the interviewer got a little personal.

Kaley Cuoco dodges awkward question about ex-boyfriend Henry Cavill

Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill in 2013
Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill in 2013

Spend more than 12 years on the sets of The Big Bang Theory along with comic book nerds, Kaley Cuoco’s character grew to love and appreciate the concept of comic books and superheroes as the series progressed. And with the end of the hit series, it would become a stunning coincidence, or chance, that a literal superhero wanted to date her, and that man just happened to be Henry Cavill, the star who played Superman in 2013 Steel man.

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Although the dating phase was short-lived as the two stars called it quits after just 2 weeks together, it was also reported that their time together was good. And so, when an interviewer wanted to get a taste of what it was like to date Superman, he asked if the Steel man The actor actually lived up to the title in real life, and of course Cuoco decided to dodge the question by laughing with a mischievous glint in his eye.

The answer was expected “I do not know” one, but considering they’ve only been together 12 days, it’s easy to believe her to some extent, though the question was also awkward, which would also explain the hesitation.

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What will happen to Henry Cavill’s Superman?

Henry Cavill's Superman Breathes DC's Last Breath
Henry Cavill’s Superman Breathes DC’s Last Breath

The news is official, and it’s also heartbreaking. CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have collectively decided to throw Henry Cavill’s version of Superman into the DCU’s complete overhaul to usher in a new era of superheroes from the pages of DC Comics. Although Gunn intends to build a new universe with Superman, unfortunately it won’t be Cavill who dons the cape anymore. And so, one of the greatest versions of Superman comes to an end.

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