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Mexican referee Karen Díaz during a Liga MX game on September 1, 2022.Mexican referee Karen Díaz during a Liga MX game September 1, 2022.Leopoldo Smith (Getty Images)

Karen Díaz’s smile (Aguascalientes, 38 years old) hides a lot of insults received as a referee. Most of them happened when she was starting to become a judge in the neighborhood’s battered fields. They questioned her knowledge of the regulations just because she was a woman. Díaz refused from minute zero to make himself a victim. Instead, he stood his ground to appease those amateur players who just wanted to romp. To those in the stands, better not even listen to them. This courage and talent has helped him to be one of the 69 referees at the World Cup in Qatar. At that time she was substitute referee for the games Spain-Costa Rica and Portugal-Ghana.

Díaz is one of the women who will be part of the FIFA refereeing team at the World Cup, along with France’s Stéphanie Frappart, Rwanda’s Salima Mukansanga, Japan’s Yoshimi Yamashita, America’s Kathryn Nesbitt and Brazil’s Neuza Back. In the assignments the panel has updated up to this Friday, there was no woman as central referee or line assistant, they were all substitute or fourth referee, as in the case of Frappart who participated in Mexico-Poland and it will be this in Portugal-Ghana do.

Karen Díaz wanted to be a soccer player, she even played in the youth teams of the Mexican national team. Professionally, she could not devote herself as a player because there was no league for women in Mexico. Without a place to gamble, let alone a living wage. So he decided to study engineering in the agro-industrial sector. To finance his studies, he directed these neighborhood games. He earned about two dollars for each game and he did it secretly from his parents. Díaz, who rarely speaks to the press, told EL PAÍS in 2017 that the referee had never come to any of his matches with the national team, so he decided to take charge and thus begin his story as an arbitrator.

“She was always the best of her generation, better than her peers. She always excelled in the physical tests, she was very attentive and wasn’t ashamed to ask about everything,” says Gilberto Alcalá, one of the most important referees in his country. Díaz started out in the minor leagues as a center umpire, but it was decided by the Mexican Referees Commission, headed by the whistling Edgardo Codesal, that Díaz would take on the role of linesman. “Right now it’s difficult to move up from assistant to central defender, although it wouldn’t be bad if she were the exception,” concludes Alcalá.

The Mexican referees, according to Alcalá, receive psychological sessions to combat the complaints heard from the stands and in particular the macho comments. “By that point we were all training her, but even when we gave her these lectures, Karen is very strong mentally, with every insult she got stronger. The punishment is increasing,” says Alcalá. The pioneer’s name is Virginia Tovar. The referee broke Stein in a world “hyper-machos and where they put up a lot of obstacles”, as she herself defines it. Tovar wanted to referee in the Mexican First Division and for that he had to overcome the lower leagues. He accepted comments from his own peers: “No stains, why do you want to be a referee?” or even remember that the Tigres club asked the Arbitration Commission that its game against Irapuato in 2004 not be refereed by a woman.

Tovar has led just four games in the Mexican league and made 86 appearances as a substitute. She is the only one to have been the central referee in Mexico. She withdrew from the arbitration due to the obstacles set up by the arbitrators in her country: from the distrust of being a woman to the different opportunities compared to her peers. When Virginia Tovar found out that Karen Díaz was going to the World Cup, she called her.

— I walk with you on your shoulders, I project myself into you. I prefer not to see the Mexican team to see my fellow referees and you, Karen – Tovar said

“Master…I can’t believe you are speaking to me,” Diaz replied.

— Oh my god, you’re Karen Díaz! You showed us that you have all the capabilities in the world – added Virginia Tovar.

Karen Díaz symbolizes the triumph of the Mexican referees. At the end of October, the National Commission on Sport and Physical Culture (Conade) presented her with the National Sports Award for the best female referee in the country. In Mexico, the Mexican referee has participated in the finals of the Mexican league and in Concacaf tournaments. She has been certified by FIFA as an international whistler since 2018, one of the great achievements in her profession. “I came out of several amateur games in tears thinking, ‘What the hell am I doing?’ But after an hour I thought that must give me fuel to continue and then I kept saying to this player who was yelling at me: ‘He’s going to see me on TV and he’s going to swallow what he says to me’, Díaz told this magazine. Now his name and ingenuity when it comes to marking offside will be on the world’s radar.

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Karen Díaz, The Mexican Referee Who Left Misogyny Out Of Place – S Chronicles

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