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Laval is becoming a must-see come election day Oct. 3, with tight races expected. 

In the Mille-Îles riding, spanning from Duvernay to the east of the island, François Legault’s CAQ is hoping to flip it from Liberal red to his party’s blue, in what’s expected to be a race to the finish line.

Candidates are pushing for change on some of the issues in the riding.

“We have a concern with housing, so we have to build a lot more affordable and social housing,” said Coalition avenir Québec candidate, Julie Séide. “What comes up a lot, it’s having access to health services that are efficient and more humane.”

Coalition avenir Québec candidate in Mille-Îles, Julie Séide (Credit: CityNews / Alyssia Rubertucci)

“When families go to their store to buy milk or eggs, it’s very, very expensive,” said Ange Claude Bigilimana, candidate for the Conservative Party of Quebec. “We can’t ignore the price of gasoline.”

Conservative Party of Quebec candidate in Mille-Îles, Ange Claude Bigilimana. (Credit: CityNews / Alyssia Rubertucci)

“For the Parti québécois, environment is a priority,” said PQ candidate Michel Lachance, in French. “I find it hard to accept being part of Canada because billions and billions of dollars are invested in oil.”

Parti québécois candidate in Mille-Îles, Michel Lachance. (Credit: CityNews / Alyssia Rubertucci)

“People are getting older, they’re getting less services than before, so that’s a big preoccupation,” said Quebec Liberal Party candidate, Virginie Dufour. “Also the language, the way Bill 96 has been patronizing Anglophones.”

Quebec Liberal Party candidate in Mille-Îles, Virginie Dufour. (Credit: CityNews / Alyssia Rubertucci)

“Lacking investment in education, our schools, especially our high schools here in Mille-Îles are desecrated,” said Québec solidaire candidate Guillaume Lajoie. “They’re really behind compared to the medium level.”

Québec solidaire candidate in Mille-Îles, Guillaume Lajoie. (Credit: CityNews / Alyssia Rubertucci)

“We have to help our people to build their dream. I think the Parti Conservateur is the one who defends this value the most,” said one Laval resident. “Not in Laval or Mille-Îles, but I want to see a change in Quebec.”

“For sure I’m going to vote, but I don’t know yet, I’m going to have to think about it for a while,” said a Laval woman, in French. “There is always the environment that concerns me a lot, we have to do something for those who will follow us. 

“I am obliged to vote. I’m going to vote for the person who really works for us,” said another Laval resident, in French. “In elections, it is to improve life, things that are very expensive, like gas, like groceries.”

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In 2018, the Liberal Party won five out of Laval’s six seats, including Mille-Îles by just four percentage points. 

“I knew it would be a thin race,” said Dufour, “I’m confident that we can really convince people that there is the party, but there’s also the person, what they vote for is an MNA and they need someone strong to represent them.”

“I’m not taking anything for granted,” said Séide, “so the only thing that I can say is that Julie’s going to keep pushing, keep working, keep knocking on the door, and hopefully people will trust me.”

“I’m not a politician,” said Bigilimana, “I am the guy who just wants to change things. And when I talk to people, I feel that.” 

“We have to become a sovereign country to protect the French, so that’s one of the main reasons why you have to vote Parti Québécois, it’s for sovereignty, it’s for the survival of French,” said Lachance.

“I’m on the ground, I know exactly what the problems are, I know the solutions to bring them,” said Lajoie. “It’s going to be working with the city, it’s going to be working with all citizens. That’s why I need you to vote for me.”

CityNews reached out to all candidates for the Mille-Îles riding to take part in this report, but not all were able to participate.

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Laval’s Mille-Îles riding: candidates racing to the election day finish line

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