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Launched on September 21, the “wines, vineyards and societal expectations” chair held by the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ISVV) is held at the baptismal font of the Nouvelle Aquitaine regional hotel (which finances it for half, as part of the VitiREV project: Innovating for wine-growing areas that respect the environment) with the sponsorship of Crédit Agricole Aquitaine (which finances the other half). A position of“single patron” of which Patrick Gentié, the president of the Crédit Agricole Aquitaine bank, is proud, who claims an investment in money, time and expertise in the face of the multiple challenges of the sector. Of the challenges he knows, being himself a wine nurseryman, with “The management of natural disasters, we have not been spared in recent years, adaptations to climate change, ecological transitions, without forgetting the necessary adaptations to the expectations and new tastes of consumers. Unfortunately, we can no longer ignore that Bordeaux wine suffers from a certain lack of love. »

Faced with this commercial crisis, the first bank in the vineyard (with an announced presence in 80% of regional farms) calls on “the concept of responsibility” of Crédit Agricole with this participation in the chair and other levers: “it is up to us to help our territory as much as we can [de] bring out the viticulture of tomorrow. In terms of supporting our farmers and winegrowers in the transitions, we are already working to simplify, thanks to impact investment offers, the conditions of which are improved for all CSR-oriented investments. We can thus concede up to a quarter of our margins to encourage these virtuous approaches. » Emphasizing the weight of viticulture in the region, Patrick Gentié points out that “It’s its past, its present and it will also be its future if we all collectively manage to drive the necessary changes, maintain a strong link with its inhabitants and win back the hearts of consumers”.

Objectivize expectations

These two issues are precisely targeted by the “wines, vineyards and societal expectations” chair, which is not a classic chair of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) indicates Éric Giraud-Héraud, the holder of the chair and scientific director at the ‘ISVV, announce a “partnership research with society” and consumer studies “more ambitious than what we usually do”car “Objectifying societal expectations: that’s the hardest part”. The issue being “Make credible the declarations of the consumer, who wants a lot of things, but cannot have everything and, at some point, we see what he is paying for. Through experience, we will create verifiable and objectifiable data” adds the researcher, specifying that the chair will promote existing results and programs (“we are not starting from nothing”).

Le Crédit Agricole ne peut plus “ignorer que le vin Bordeaux souffre d’un certain désamour”

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