In this article, you will get all information regarding Le Manoir: varnishes that make nails fall in the crosshairs of Health Canada authorities

Health Canada is looking into varnishes that cause nails to fall off after receiving several reports of incidents due to these products sold by the Quebec company Le Manoir.

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“Nine incident reports have been identified submitted to the Consumer Product Safety Program linked to the company in question,” confirms to the Log Anne Génier, a spokesperson for Health Canada.

According to the government, all of these reports have been received since last October and involve irritation or an allergic reaction to nail polishes sold by Le Manoir.

Example of nails damaged by Gelcare products from the Quebec company Le Manoir.

Courtesy picture

Example of nails damaged by Gelcare products from the Quebec company Le Manoir.

“Health Canada is reviewing the information available and will take appropriate action if non-compliance with the law is confirmed,” said Genius.

Their fingernails fall off

The newspaper revealed last week that the Gelcare products of this Quebec company make customers experience an ordeal.

Dozens of women have taken to social media this month to speak out against these gel polishes that have darkened, streaked and peeled their nails for weeks.

“They make money on the back of people’s health,” warned Andrée-Anne Chassé, an entrepreneur from Trois-Rivières who was one of the first to alert Quebecers on Instagram.

Since the publication of this text, our representative has received dozens of testimonials from customers of this company who have had their nails peeled off by these varnishes. Most of them have never had a problem using gel-based products before applying those purchased from Le Manoir.

She defends herself

“We would like to inform you that all of our gels comply with Health Canada requirements. All of our gels are subject to the cosmetic declaration required by Health Canada. None of the ingredients in our gels are on the critical list of cosmetic ingredients published by Health Canada,” guarantees Émilie Sanscartier, owner of Le Manoir.

According to her, these gel polishes must absolutely not touch the skin, as this will cause serious skin reactions.

“For me, there is no story worth publishing here. We are talking about users who have applied the gel incorrectly on their nails”, defended Mme Sanscartier last week, in response to complaints from its customers.

Remember that the company Le Manoir is very active on social networks with approximately 88,000 followers on Instagram. The company also carries out numerous contracts with influencers to promote its brand.

Guests to Report

Companies that sell this type of product in Quebec and Canada are nevertheless required to comply with applicable laws and regulations, recalls Health Canada.

“Regulated parties are expected to take prompt and appropriate action to correct any non-compliance,” the agency said.

The department also invites anyone to report on its website any concerns or information it may have regarding products suspected of being non-compliant.

“A number of compliance and enforcement options can be used to address non-compliance or mitigate a risk to Canadians,” explains Health Canada. Such as, among other things, the dissemination of public communications, the seizure of products, and in some cases, the recall.

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Le Manoir: varnishes that make nails fall in the crosshairs of Health Canada authorities

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