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Turkey’s first and only political competition program, ‘Leader Turkey’, met on Habertürk TV screens with the presentation of political communicator, strategist and researcher Faruk Acar.

In the program attended by 16 participants from all ages with different professions, the participants were divided into 4 groups and names were determined for the groups.

The subject of the first part was the ‘minimum wage’, and the groups that went through the book called the ‘solution room’ worked on the minimum wage.

The spokespersons of the groups, who were determined by themselves, gave a five-course speech on the minimum wage and restrictions on the rostrum. After the speeches, questions were asked to the group speaking from other groups. After the speeches, with the decision of the public jury voting in real time via zoom, the winner of the night was the ‘Atılım ve Hürriyet’ group, whose spokesperson was Metin Mutlu.

The three losing factions: New Look, Ascension Together, and Free Will officials revealed the friend they wanted to eliminate of their own wishes.

Öznur Yağcı was the name to be sent to the debate in the voting for the New Look requests.

The Free Will group unanimously decided that Orhan Cesur should be the person who should take the podium, and the Together Yükseliş group sent Deniz Kalelioğlu to the pot with a majority of votes.

Orhan Cesur, Öznur Yağcı and Deniz Kalelioğlu; on stage for the tripartite debate, representing both individuals and groups. All three candidates have 6 minutes to present. Öznur Yağcı was the first person to take the floor as a result of the draw.


In the tripartite debate, the subject was stated as pensioners, civil servants and workers’ salaries.

Taking the first word, Yağcı stated that the ‘middle class should rise’ and stated that the country is in an economic spiral and its size should not be approached only economically.

Orhan Cesur, who made his presentation later, argued that a raise that would remain below the food level could not be accepted, and that a 67 percent raise should be made for civil servants and pensioners.

Voting will be done by the consultants, not by the 400-person jury team.

Leader qualifying evening in Turkey

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