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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Students from the business law class at Southeast High school sat in on five different cases at the Nebraska Supreme Court in the Capitol Building on Monday.

The cases included criminal and civil cases.

The course instructor, Stephani Olson, said her class focuses on criminal, civil and contract law.

She said this trip was good exposure to Nebraska’s judicial system and what oral arguments are like in court.

“They watch television shows where everything is solved in an hour,” she said, so it’s important for them to see how courts actually work.

“And here we are in front of the Supreme Court, which is for the most part the ultimate oral argument that these parties will have,” Olson said.

The students also got to take part in a Q&A, in which they asked the judges about their experiences in law school, why they chose their careers and what kinds of cases they see every day.

Olson said she’s taken students to visit the Supreme Court before, and it gets them excited to learn about law because they’re seeing the lessons they learn in class be applied in real life.

“We talk about what happens with an appeal, and the parties only have between 10 and 20 minutes to argue their case, depending on what issues are in front of the court,” Olson said. “So they enjoy it.”

Some of her students have told her they would like to pursue a career in law, and she thinks that one day, a few of them could become lawyers.

One student, Ian Hunsberger, got to act as a student bailiff for the day. He said that while he was nervous, it was still a fun experience.

“My favorite part, honestly, was watching people present their case,” Hunsberger said. “I just like, I think that’s fascinating, watching people, watching two people argue about something I guess in a more intellectual way and not just, like, yelling at each other.”

He said he knew court would be different than what’s on TV because he has learned from class about how courts work.

Hunsberger says he’s thought about a career in law but also likes political science and business.

Olson said this course is not required to graduate, so it’s good to see so many students interested in the subject who chose to be there.

“They loved it, they love it,” Olson said. “It just gives them a brand-new perspective on what it’s actually like, you know.”

Lincoln Southeast class goes to Nebraska Supreme Court

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