In this article, you will get all information regarding Little People actress Tori Roloff’s children are reunited with their cousins in family pic, as Jacob and Isabel’s rare son makes an appearance

LITTLE People and Big World stars reunited to celebrate the holidays, with everyone in attendance.

Tori Roloff uploaded a photo on Instagram of seven Roloff babies including Jacob and Isabel.

Audrey and Tori Roloff's families spent the holiday together
Audrey Roloff, Tori Roloff, and their families celebrated the holiday together Image Credits: INSTAGRAM/toriroloff
The whole family, including grandma Amy, went to Audrey and Jeremy's house
Audrey and Jeremy were joined by the entire family./toriroloffphotography

This photo was taken in Audrey and Jeremy’s house, right next to their huge Christmas tree.

Each child wore Christmas pajamas.

As they smiled at each other, the group was seated in a row on a brown leather sofa.

Jacob and Isabel chose to cover the child’s face with a white Heart Emoji in order to respect their privacy.

Little People fans think Tori & Zach Roloff are headed for 'divorce'
Little People fans slam Audrey Roloff's Christmas church gown as 'inappropriate'

Tori captioned it: “This is what it’s all about ladies and gents!”

A photo was also shared by Amy of Jackson, and Lilah, their oldest children, along with Amy’s grandmother.

Tori created the photo: “Literally impossible to get nice photos with these two these days … @amyjroloff looks cute as always though!”

Next, Tori with her youngest child Josiah opens a Christmas present.

The majority of people read Entertainment.

She stated: “I think si guy enjoyed his first Christmas!”


This year Zach and Tori received praise for their beautiful and timeless Christmas decor. Audrey and Jeremy were criticized for having too many.

Their 16-foot tall tree and star Jeremy put on the top were a huge hit.

Fans ripped the decor as “ugly,” And they said: “Cardboard and LED lights pushed through from the back. That star is a monstrosity.”

Fans claim that Tori decided to outdo Audrey by placing a train set beneath their Christmas tree.


After being accused of creating their happiness, fans speculate that Zach and Tori are headed for divorce.

A single person stated: “You know divorce is coming soon. With the show, she was making enough money for him and the children. Now, she does not need him anymore.”

An additional writer wrote: “In my opinion, Tori and Zach looked posed and not genuine in their pics.”

Isabel with Jacob Roloff's child's face was covered for their privacy
Isabel Roloff and Jacob Roloff were able to hide the child’s faces for privacy reasons. Image Credits: Monique Serra Photography
Fans criticized Audrey's Christmas decor and praised Tori's decorations
Audrey’s Christmas décor was criticised by some, but Tori’s decorations were highly praised./audreyroloff
Fans have speculated that Tori and Zach are on the road to divorce
Some fans have suggested that Zach and Tori may be on their way to divorcing/ Tori Roloff

Little People actress Tori Roloff’s children are reunited with their cousins in family pic, as Jacob and Isabel’s rare son makes an appearance

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