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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A couple that has captured the hearts of so many Wichitans over the years known as “The Dancing Couple”, Jerry and Margaret Stuber can normally be found dancing the night away during local concerts while having a huge love for the local music scene.

Now the dancing couple is calling upon the community for support after Jerry recently suffered a stroke. Mark Forehand with Downtown Royalty Band said what better way to help raise money for the Stubers than to hold a live concert benefit where forehand is hoping the donations will be pouring in.

“We should show them the love that they’ve shown all of us,” Mark Forehand, guitarist and vocalist for Downtown Royalty Band said.

Forehand said when he heard about Jerry suffering from a stroke causing him to lose half of his motor function skills, he knew something had to be done to help the Stubers.

“Unfortunately, he isn’t able to dance anymore, and we’re trying to get him back on his feet so he can get back out on the dance floor,” Forehand said.

That’s the reason why Forehand partnered with several other local musicians to host a live concert to help raise funds.

“We’ve all seen them out there. We’ve all seen them dancing, whether it’s in the corner or whether it’s in the front row, they’ve been there for us, and now it’s time for us to be there for them,” Forehand said.

With four bands playing that night, Forehand is confident the community will step up for the Stubers, as well as other local musicians that aren’t performing on stage.

“The way that you can be a part of this is we want all of the musicians and all of the artists to show up early lets line the streets let’s busk on the streets lets all be involved, you don’t have to be on the bill to be a part of this event and to show you talents and to share your talents and show your love to The Stubers,” Forehand said.

A night full of dancing all in hopes of getting The Stubers back out on the dance floor.

The live music benefit for The Stubers kicks off Thursday, September 22, 2022, at the Iron Horse Pub. Doors open at 7 and they are asking for an 8-dollar donation at the door.

A Venmo is set up if you would like to donate to The Stubers or you can donate items such as walkers and canes. For more information on how to donate and for a list of the full lineup click here.

To donate via Venmo, click here.

Local musicians team up to benefit 'The Dancing Couple'

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